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Hundreds of customers from all over the world rely on our developers and architects for cost-effective strategies in modernizing and maintaining their on-premises and cloud assets every day.

Application development

With a proven track record of delivering vested mobile, desktop, and web solutions, ABCloudz is your go-to-partner for any application development needs. Constantly innovating, our application development team covers a wide stack of technology solutions, including the latest industry trends and cutting-edge techniques.

We are fluent in both modern and conventional technologies, delivering guaranteed results for any project that you can dream of. And by covering all stages of the development process, we know how to ensure seamless user experience, continuous delivery of new features, prompt application upgrades, adding analytics capabilities to track your business or e-commerce solutions, as well as monetization strategies.

From the industry standpoint, we are proud of our overwhelming experience with developing secure and compliant healthcare applications, as well as social networking and matching applications.

With regards to technologies, we have expertise in:

We provide application development services on a turnkey basis and support you all the way during transforming your idea into an awesome application.

Cloud adoption

Digital transformation impacts all industries and businesses, and the cloud is now driving the future of technologies. The list of obvious cloud benefits includes cost and performance optimization, improved business agility, and increased innovation pace. However, there are many more great advantages that cloud platforms have to offer.

ABCloudz is a reliable partner for migrating or modernizing your on-premises data-consuming applications to the cloud as well as maintaining or optimizing your existing cloud deployments. Here’s what we have to offer when it comes to cloud adoption.

Managed services

Do you feel like you’re stuck with implementing new business ideas? ABCloudz data managed services can help you reach business goals, even for the most demanding applications.

ABCloudz provides customers with managed services starting with a comprehensive review of your entire data landscape, resulting in a managed data architecture, which emphasizes structure, control, and consistency across the entire organization.

You can rely on the trusted ABCloudz team to reduce your overall IT budget while achieving greater service availability, compliance, and security across your entire data landscape. Check out the services below to learn more about our managed services offer.

Business intelligence

Managing gigabytes or even terabytes of data, you may lack instant analytic reports. As a result, your business may start lingering as you can not make informed business decisions.

With a strong business intelligence team, working with enterprise-grade accounts, you can trust ABCloudz to develop new BI solutions or modernize your existing BI dashboards. Our intelligent BI team can uncover patterns in data that you didn’t even know existed or build a recommendation engine that predicts user behavior. The ABCloudz data science team can come to rescue when you decide to implement cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence or machine learning to solve complex and non-trivial tasks.

Database consulting

ABCloudz emerged from the world of data and that is why we look at all projects and challenges through a prism of data. We know that managing databases is a difficult task and we have teams of experts who know it all about certain database platforms.

When done right, database management may increase your business agility, reduce maintenance costs, and improve the availability and scalability of your data-driven applications. Our team heavily invested in all the popular OLTP and NoSQL database engines, as well as data warehouse platforms. As a result, we have accumulated enough knowledge, expertise, and experience to help customers get the most out of their data infrastructure. Therefore, you can rest assured that ABCloudz handles your data with care, accuracy, and security standards.

Application modernization

Studies show that the average software lifespan is around 6-8 years. For huge applications with millions of lines of code, the lifespan may reach 14 years. Sooner or later, you have to call it a day and think of a major upgrade of your application. That’s what we call application modernization, and here’s when the high time comes for this:

  • Adding new features becomes impossible or more expensive than re-writing the whole application from scratch
  • The application becomes unmaintainable
  • The technologies used in the application become out-of-support or outdated

Usually, we recommend modernizing your applications every decade. With the rise of the cloud era, many organizations are happy to get rid of their data centers and prefer using cloud storage and services. The cloud welcomes all customers, regardless of the age of their applications. However, the older your application is, the higher modernization effort it may require.

You can trust the experienced ABCloudz team to streamline your application modernization projects.

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