SQL Server Migration Assistant Support

Trust our team to provide you with SQL Server Migration Assistant support in migrating your Oracle, SAP ASE, IBM DB2, MySQL, and Microsoft Access databases to SQL Server or Azure SQL Database.

Introducing the SSMA support offer

We fully understand and recognize the challenges associated with a database migration project – which is why we’d like to help! With our special SSMA Support offer, we can guide you through the 12-step migration process. We’re offering a convenient 40-hour package where we will assist you with any aspect of a migration project. You’ll have 40 hours of expert-level assistance in any area of database migrations.

Our experience includes all major databases, such as Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase, Access, MySQL, and IBM DB2. Over the years, we’ve helped hundreds of our customers create cost-effective solutions for modernizing and migrating their applications to the Microsoft platform.

SSMA is free and you can download it from the Microsoft Download Center. Our ABCloudz DBAs have seen it all using SSMA to help customers migrate to Microsoft SQL Server from Oracle, IBM DB2, Sybase ASE, Microsoft Access and MySQL databases. There isn’t always a direct translation of database objects that SSMA can produce, our team can implement workarounds to ensure converted code works correctly in SQL Server.

Our extensive experience with all major technologies gives our database team a substantial advantage. Our app developers have experience in .NET, Java, JavaScript and various other programming frameworks. Our developers can assist you in modifying applications which connect to your databases – ensuring correct functioning after migrating to SQL Server.

SSMA Jumpstart

Here are some examples of where we can assist you during data migrations.

SSMA tool support

Does your migration team need a crash course on SSMA to learn about all of its featured offers? Whether your team needs assistance understanding SSMA’s assessment reports, using the console option, configuring command line options, or utilizing the testing tools, we will provide top-level help within our service level agreement.

Migrating schema objects

While SSMA does automatically convert all database objects it recognizes, there are some objects which may be too ambiguous for SSMA to handle. However, as authors of SSMA, we have the knowledge to fully recognize the issues, and how to manually convert the code for use in SQL Server. We can also assist your teams in understanding the assessment reports SSMA generates with greater accuracy.

Migrating data

SSMA provides data migration capabilities for relatively small databases. As you move into deployment stages from your migration project, you may need to explore other data migration strategies due to larger databases and data synchronization needs. To help develop migration strategies and custom data movement scripts, our team uses popular data integration tools to ensure integrity throughout the project.

Application code conversion

SSMA only converts the code in the database or in ad hoc statements using the SSMA console. SSMA has no ability to extract SQL statements and procedure calls made by application code, which interacts with the target database. To work around this, ABCloudz has a toolkit we’ve developed over the years to identify and fix application code for use in SQL Server databases.

Migration conversion testing

After code conversion with SSMA, functional testing becomes the priority, accounting for about 30% of the migration effort. Our in-house tools and frameworks will expedite the database migration testing process.

Performance testing

In order to emulate the same features in SQL Server, SSMA uses a migration extension package for the source databases. In most situations, our team can increase performance by interpreting the source object intent, and then replicating the same functionality using native features of SQL Server.

Architectural design and product guidance

Accounting for about 14% of the migration effort is the process of database schema conversion. Our team will help your team evaluate your existing databases, applications, and database infrastructure in order to develop a robust future-state architecture. From that point on, we can assist your team developing project plans.

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Running outdated versions of your databases?

If you are running outdated versions of your Oracle Database, SAP ASE (formally Sybase), IBM DB2, and other platforms, you might be running the risk of not having the latest in security and high availability features that newer versions have.

Once you hear how much Oracle, SAP, and IBM want to charge you to “true-up” your database license, you might want to consider migrating to Microsoft SQL Server with all of the latest features built-in without having to buy additional option licenses.

We’ve had hundreds of customers come to us looking for ways to better understand the migration costs and what it takes to get the most out of Microsoft SQL Server and Azure SQL Database. Watch the following video to see how we can accelerate the migration of your data and applications to Microsoft Data Platform to minimize your risks and costs.

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