• 10+ Years of experience

    From database migrations, modernizations, to ongoing DBA support and development, ABCloudz truly is a one-stop-shop.

  • 250 Talented professionals

    With 4 offices worldwide, and a team of diverse and highly trained certified engineers, covering A-Z, consider us an extension of your team, helping you proficiently achieve your IT goals.

  • Post-Migration Support

    ABCloudz is here to support your ongoing data operations after the migration, and can lend a hand when it comes to your BI development, mobile or web development and more.

Experts in database migrations

Are you looking for a way to increase your business agility, reduce maintenance costs while improving the availability and scalability of your databases and applications? Now is the time for a change!

With expertise migrating hundreds of large databases from 16 different database management systems to all three big cloud providers as well as on premises, you can rest assured that your data is to be handled with care, accuracy and in coordination with meeting your deadlines.

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    Why Migrate?

    1. Financial
    Are you overwhelmed with rising maintenance and licensing costs of your database workloads?

    ABCloudz analyzes your current infrastructure and helps you understand that value a modernization can bring.

    For example, you can consolidate databases in the cloud to reduce your TCO by up to 60%. Or improve the performance of your overloaded systems with a new database platform to consume fewer resources at the end of the day.

    2. Technology
    Do you need to get rid of legacy systems to meet the latest industry standards and data security requirements?

    You can opt for either an upgrade of your legacy and out-of-support database platforms or a modernization path to a new modern target.

    This will allow for accelerating data processing and overall performance, possessing such features as automatic scaling, high availability and disaster recovery, and many others.

    3. Growth
    Is the burden of supporting your growing on-premises infrastructure overwhelming? Serving peak loads unpredictable?

    Think about creating a new infrastructure for your data. In the cloud, which provides you all the scalability you need, and when managed by ABCloudz, predictable and the most optimized cloud experience.

    Leveraging the best the cloud has to offer, you can stay secure, flexible, scalable, and innovative.

    Migration destinations


    Designing the future-state architecture of your data environment is a complex task. First, you need to decide between a cloud or on-premises platform. Then you need expert advice regarding the target platform.

    Our experienced team of solution architects, database experts, and software engineers can provide you with comprehensive technical and financial information about the potential pros and cons of any proposed modernization project.

    Currently, cloud innovations drive technological progress. That is why we recommend building the right solution in a public or private cloud. As experts of Microsoft Azure, AWS, and GCP, we can help discover the cloud platform that best matches your needs.

    Customers who rely on ABCloudz

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    Database migration is a complex process, which includes assessment, conversion of database schemas and scripts, application remediation, data migration, testing, performance tuning, and many other steps.

    To better understand the database migration project details, you may need a consultation with a subject-matter expert.

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