New Solutions

We'll take your initial app concept and turn it into a beautiful and functional web, mobile, desktop, or Internet of Things solution. Covering the full cycle of software development with optional 24/7 monitoring and support with our new solution services.

Creating new solutions with us

We are developers at heart, and it is why many businesses rely on ABCloudz to bring their dreams to reality. Delivering a comprehensive experience so that our customers can innovate faster and manage their business better, we often face the following challenges.




Analytics, architecture, and design

Business owners often come up with the raw idea for an app but lack the knowledge or a technical team needed to turn their idea into reality.

At ABCloudz, we start with a clear understanding of our customer’s needs. Taking these needs into account, we then perform research, demonstrating possible design options in order to deliver a detailed vision of the future project with precise financial and risk analysis.

Once research is done, we develop a Proof of Concept, giving the customer the ability to visualize early in the app-making process. We can then adjust the look and feel of the final product to make sure that the customers’ requirements exactly match what they received.

What we deliver within early production stages:

  • Business Analysis
  • Solution Architecture
  • Research and Development Lab
  • Proof of Concept for your project
  • Design and UI/UX

IoT and mobile

How we develop cutting-edge mobile and IoT apps.

The ABCloudz development team uses the latest technologies to create native iOS and Android apps, as well as cross-platform solutions. Our team can also enhance the functionality of your existing mobile application by developing a valuable application for any wearable platform. We also provide support to our customers at all development stages, paying special attention to ensure that your app meets App Store and Google Play requirements.

As a result, our customers get easy-to-use, lightweight, and intuitive apps that let users communicate, explore, have fun, gain knowledge, and shop in an effortless manner.

Our web development projects include but are not limited to: e-commerce, entertainment, telecom, finance, and healthcare.

ABCloudz offers the following mobile development services:

  • Native mobile development
  • Cross-platform mobile development
  • Internet of Things
  • Applications for wearable and smart devices
  • App tuning and refactoring

Server and cloud development

How we develop scalable and secure server-side and cloud solutions.

The key to a successful web or mobile app is a backend that provides high performance, security, scalability and some additional mobile requirements such as low battery drain, ability to send notifications, limited on-device data storage, and others. ABCloudz architects can create an ultimate solution, leveraging any cloud platform with backend services that address these requirements.

Our experts have years of technical experience in all aspects of Azure, GCP and AWS cloud platforms so that we can find the best solution for each customer’s needs, ensuring low latency for users across the globe. We have tremendous experience managing huge amounts of data on secure and highly available infrastructure, unlocking insights with big data analytics and creating highly responsive experiences for users backed by powerful remote computing resources.

The ABCloudz solutions solve today’s business challenges of your choice including:

  • Cloud and Microservices
  • Scalability and Continuous Integration
  • Enterprise Applications
  • Re-engineering and transformation of the current platform

Project management and quality assurance

Our customers often don’t have the experience or resources to manage the whole development process.

The ABCloudz team provides customers with the full cycle development process which includes business analysts, project managers, and designers; along with technical staff such as developers and quality assurance engineers. At every development stage, we manage and monitor developing processes in a manner that is completely transparent to the customer while ensuring that each step is executed exactly on schedule. At ABCloudz, we have a wide choice of devices for testing your applications on smartphones, tablets, and smart wearable gadgets allowing us to fulfill the highest quality criteria.

Our management and QA services include:

  • Project management and coordination
  • Quality control and assurance
  • Dedicated and offshore team
  • Agile application development
  • Engineering excellence

ABCloudz innovative solutions

Take advantage of the latest technology trends, leveraging proven ABCloudz solutions. Learn more about our experience in machine learning, Internet of Things, and other cutting-edge technologies from the following video.

Five phases to success

1. Research and development

Our team carefully listens to your needs, understands your requirements and selects the best technical solution for your project. We can also assist in shifting your product to a new level.

2. Plan the story of your success

Your individual project manager creates the win-win strategy solely for you, develops a roadmap and establishes key milestones and application modules. You can be sure that the project will be completed on time.

3. Design the delivery

Our design team provides excellent up-to-date UI for your application. Then our development team implements the necessary technologies to deliver a full-fledged mobile app and integrates them with related devices if needed.

4. Quality assurance

Testing is one of the most crucial steps prior to the release of the application. Our QA team does its best to generate the bug report required to improve your app. Eventually, we make sure that the app works fine and meets the highest standards.

5. Deploy and support

Deploying the developed application to the App Store or Google Play is the project’s apex that might be compared with a rocket launch. ABCloudz stays alongside the customer and provides thorough maintenance for your app to ensure it meets app store standards.
Five phases to success

Developing applications to drive your business

Serving customers from startups to enterprise accounts, we at ABCloudz take care about the success of your project rather than just creating applications and fixing bugs. We talk the same language with you no matter from which industry do you come from. Watch the following video to learn more about applications our team has already delivered and be sure to contact us to streamline your application development project.

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