• Discover issues

    Quickly identify SQL Server instances running in your on-premises data centers or in the Azure cloud that can use less vCPUs than what’s currently provisioned.

  • Automate upgrade

    Reduce maintenance and license costs by providing automated scripts to apply recommended changes to your existing SQL Server workloads.

  • Increase performance

    Identify poor performing queries, optimize them according to best practices, and achieve further reduction of SQL Server license costs by lowering CPU utilization.

  • Optimize licensing

    Recommend instances running SQL Server Enterprise Edition that can move to Standard Edition for an additional 75% in licensing costs savings.

  • 10+ Years of experience

    From data management and application modernization, to ongoing DBA support and development, ABCloudz truly is a one-stop-shop. Regardless of where your data and apps live, on-premises or in the cloud, you can benefit from on our expertise.

  • 250 Talented professionals

    With 8 offices worldwide, and a team of diverse and highly trained certified engineers, covering A-Z, consider us an extension of your team. Take advantage of our expertise to proficiently achieve your IT goals.

  • Full Service Post-Migration Support

    ABCloudz is here to support your ongoing data operations, and can lend a hand when it comes to your BI development, mobile or web applications development, creating DevOps pipelines, integrating cloud services, and more.

Experts in Database Migrations

Are you looking for a way to reduce SQL Server maintenance costs and increase your business agility? Now is the time for a change!

ABCloudz provides a fast way to analyze your existing data environment and recommend optimized instances to save costs on SQL Server licenses. The optimization also helps improve the availability and scalability of your databases and applications.

With expertise managing customer’s data and applications for decades, you can rest assured that your data is to be handled with care, accuracy and in coordination with meeting your deadlines.

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    Key Activities

    Discovery workshop (1 day)
    Do you have a perfect understanding of your data landscape? Do you have all applications properly documented? ABCloudz can help discover pitfalls that increase your TCO.

    During the initial discovery workshop, ABCloudz experts work with your SQL Server DBAs and other team members to scope your current SQL Server deployments. The ABCloudz team then provides a plan to deploy our monitoring and recommendations solution that fits within your environment.

    Monitoring and recommendations (1 week)
    Do you know your database usage patterns, peak load times, and possible issues? ABCloudz experts can work with your team to deploy our monitoring and recommendation tools.

    Our specific tools capture a week’s worth of performance data and provide you with optimization roadmap. Then ABCloudz experts will review the recommendations and deployment scripts with your team. Recommendations include ways to upgrade and candidate instances for consolidation, virtualization, or moving to SQL Server on Linux.

    SQL Server performance tuning (1 week)
    Are you ready for the changes? The ABCloudz team will provide you with the automated deployment scripts to ensure that your upgrade process meets the DevOps best practices.

    ABCloudz experts will take results from Extended Events traces and/or Query Store to identify top CPU intensive queries with remediation scripts to review with your SQL Server DBAs. ABCloudz experts will monitor the SQL Server instance and recommend additional vCPU reductions to save up to 30% of your initial TCO.

    Customer contribution

    • Discuss your SQL Server current deployments and monitoring tools with a dedicated ABCloudz project team and establish what resources and team members will be needed from you.
    • Make your data infrastructure available to trusted ABCloudz team members so we can identify issues and craft a monitoring and automation plan that fits within your current environment.

    Note: we value customer’s private data and follow the industry security standards. So, for all ABCloudz activities, you do not provide actual data and our team does not interfere with your data.

    Customers who rely on ABCloudz

    Schedule your free consultation

    Take advantage of ABCloudz’s vast experience with optimizing Microsoft SQL Server workloads and our deep technical expertise with the latest cloud technologies.

    Trust our team to diagnose and troubleshoot performance issues with your data environment. Let us demonstrate how you can reduce your maintenance costs fast with optimized SQL Server licensing and performance. Drop us a line today!

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