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  • Expert knowledge

    Trust our experienced team of SQL Server professionals, who have committed a total of over 1,300,000 hours for SQL Server management projects, to address your needs.

  • Always On availability

    ABCloudz experts can help you make the most out of the Always On availability groups by fine-tuning your primary and secondary replicas reliably and cost-effectively.

  • Established practices

    Rely on our expertise with managing SQL Server workloads and following the industry's best practices. Our team has a proven solution to meet your needs.

  • Never lose data again

    Offload your IT needs to our team and focus on increasing your business agility. ABCloudz experts will ensure that your SQL Server database conforms to the necessary SLA's.

  • 10+ Years of experience

    From data management to application development, ABCloudz truly is a one-stop-shop in the ever-changing information technologies world. Our experts have the proficiently with configuring flawless Microsoft SQL Server failover solutions.

  • 250 Talented professionals

    With 4 offices worldwide and a team of diverse and highly trained certified engineers, covering A-Z, consider us an extension of your team, helping you proficiently achieve your IT goals.

  • 100+ Happy customers

    ABCloudz has successfully delivered complex data management and optimization projects to customers across the globe. Not only do we help manage customers’ data and applications, but we also care about every project where our team is involved.

Trusted experts in SQL Server database management

You can rely on our Microsoft SQL Server certified professionals. They know everything about SQL Server internals, undocumented features, and best practices.

Helping customers build SQL Server failover solutions, our team has already established a proven and impeccable approach, which allows for meeting the industry best practices without sacrificing application performance and breaking your bank.

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    Why do you need to check your SQL Server failover solution?

    1. Testing your existing failover solutions
    Do you know what will happen if your database suddenly crashes? You may have a failover solution, but have you ever tested how it works?

    We start with thorough testing of your existing SQL Server failover solution. On a software level, we simulate your system’s failure to discover what exactly will happen. As a result of this simulation, you will get a perfect understanding of how your applications will work during and after failover. This knowledge itself is power. However, we can go even further and use this knowledge to improve your system.

    2. Improving the automatic failover configuration
    Is your failover solution reliable and cost-effective? How can you make the most out of the Always On availability groups?

    The ABCloudz database experts know that there is always space for improvement. All solutions have pros and cons — be it the cost, complexity, or lack of automation. We will perform the SQL Server Failover Health Check and provide you with the report, which helps pick the right modernization option for you. On the one hand, you may want to add or remove nodes from your existing failover cluster instances to improve the overall system’s performance or reduce maintenance costs. On the other hand, you may decide to configure your solution in such a way to guarantee that it meets the permitted downtime. The choice is yours — the implementation is on ABCloudz.

    3. Providing with alternative failover solutions
    Have you already discovered all of the alternative failover options? Do you know how to improve reliability and maximize the availability of your system?

    Since 2017, SQL Server can run on Linux. Therefore, you may consider using multiple node failover clustering on Windows and Linux for your SQL Server workloads.

    However, with the cloud services gaining ground, you may want to use a simple failover set up in the Azure cloud rather than complex SQL Server code to handle failover scenarios. Finally, we can help you make use of the Snowflake cloud data platform with eleven 9’s of durability SLA.

    How it works

    Discovery and analysis

    We start with thorough testing of your existing SQL Server failover solution. At this point, we discover vulnerabilities and optimization opportunities while you have a chance to see what a system failure will do to your applications.

    Action plan

    Our Principal SQL Server Solution Architects provide you with a health check report. It may include critical issues, needed to be addressed instantly, as well as modernization options, which will improve your existing solution.


    After discussing these modernization options with you, ABCloudz then goes further and provides you with the human power required for the implementation of these changes.


    Now you can rest assured that your SQL Server database environment is safe and secure.

    Finally, our SQL Server health check helps assess the migration to the cloud path. This approach will improve your failover capabilities as well as the application’s performance.

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