SQL Server Database Upgrade

Running on outdated versions of SQL Server? You're not alone! More than half of businesses are considering upgrading their SQL Servers to get the latest built-in features and improvements in areas such as security, performance, availability, and support. Learn why you need ABCloudz to accelerate your SQL Server upgrade projects.

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Microsoft ended extended support for SQL Server 2012 on July 12, 2022, and Windows Server  2012 and 2012 R2 reaches the end of support on October 10, 2023. Recent reports indicate that more than half (55%) of organizations believe that their data infrastructure performance requires an upgrade, and 51% believe their organization’s data infrastructure needs improvements to eliminate security risks. Don’t let your infrastructure and applications go unprotected. We’re here to help you migrate to current versions for greater security, performance, and innovation.

Upgrade destinations

Running on older versions of SQL Server can be costly in terms of supportability, over-licensing, and lack of access to the latest built-in features that improve security and performance. That is why it is imperative to tier-up to the latest or at least supported versions of SQL Server. A programmatic approach to upgrading your applications and databases is essential to keep your business running smoothly.

Upgrading your legacy SQL Server databases doesn’t always mean just increasing the version number. You can start using your SQL Server workloads from a clean sheet after the upgrade. For example, you can opt for increasing the performance, reducing operational costs, or even changing the platform where your SQL Server databases run.

Consider upgrading your SQL Server databases to the Azure cloud or switching to the open-source Linux platform to run your secondary replicas. Or you can even take advantage of Contained Availability Groups in SQL Server 2022. This eliminates the need for administrators to manually make, create, and update these objects manually across the different AG replicas.

Exciting features included in SQL Server 2022

SQL Server 2022 is loaded with features that offer unparalleled advantages to businesses, improving performance, security, and cost-efficiency of operations. Discover the most prominent features included in the latest installment of SQL Server.

Always On and High Availability

Contained Availability Groups can create copies of objects such as users, logins, and permissions, meaning that an administrator doesn’t have to manually create and update various objects across replicas. Additionally, SQL Server 2022 is equipped with near real-time data replication and synchronization with Azure SQL Managed Instance. This hybrid cloud feature enables businesses to gain advantage of cloud performance and scaling through an ability to shift workloads to read-only instances on Azure SQL.

Performance Improvements

Global allocation map pages and shared global allocation map pages are now reducing page latch contention while allocating/deallocating data pages. This considerably improves performance of user databases and benefits heavy workloads. Additionally, SQL Server 2022 features in-memory OLTP management that enhances memory management in large memory servers while reducing out-of-memory conditions.

Azure SQL Ledger

SQL Ledger uses blockchain to verify any changes made within databases and make data tamper-evident. Its goal is to maintain the integrity of any organization’s sensitive data. Ledger protects the information of any user by always preserving the change history of a table that is immutable within various conditions. It also allows companies to track the flow of products and materials along the supply chain and securely store sensitive information according to regulatory standards.

Query Store Improvements

Query Store is a feature that enables businesses to track performance history, which can help identify and troubleshoot query plans. It is also possible to use Query Store to set up query plans and optimize query execution without requiring changes to the application code. Parameter Sensitive Plan Optimization further improves query processing as it caches multiple active execution plans for a single parameterized query.

Multi-Write Replication

Older versions of SQL Server required manual resolution of conflicts that would arise between data that are written to different replicas. This feature automates replication conflict resolution and its ”last-writer wins” rule. However, Multi-Write Replication solves the problem by prioritizing the last write to be written to all replicas. This feature also uses a timestamp recorder in UTC in order to avoid timezone problems.

Analytics Enhancements

SQL Server 2022 can be linked to Azure Synapse to run near real-time analytics with minimum impact on the operational workload. It does not require ETL processes to deal with data movement, meaning that workload complexity is reduced. Combined with support for S3-compatible object storage to take backups to URLs and Data Lake virtualization, businesses receive unprecedented analytics capabilities.

Benefits of upgrading to the latest SQL Server version

The latest Microsoft SQL Server solutions offer a number of benefits in comparison to older editions. Businesses that are seeking to improve their operations are able to enjoy a number of advantages that come with upgrading their SQL Servers:

Access to the latest features

The latest version of SQL Server is equipped with a number of built-in features that bring quality-of-life improvements for enhanced flexibility and customization. This includes Azure Data Studio and SQL Server Management Studio.

Big Data support

SQL Server 2022 is equipped with Apache Spark and Hadoop Distributed File system connectivity. As a result, companies are now able to process large quantities of data and acquire complex information for analysis more effectively.

Improved performance

The latest version of SQL Server is focused on improved query execution, indexing, and availability. Buffer pool parallel scan improves performance on large-scale machines through the use of multiple CPU cores.

Increased security

The inclusion of SQL Ledger and other features provides businesses with the additional protection of sensitive data and unauthorized access risk reduction. The addition of blockchain also improves the ability to verify data.

Better scalability

SQL Server 2022 allows businesses to scale up their data storage and processing capabilities based on their needs. Latest edition features enhancements for memory management, statistics maintenance, and tempDB.ability to work with the cloud and access cloud-based services.

Enhanced integration with Azure

SQL Server 2022 is now more suited for integration with Microsoft Azure Cloud than ever. This considerably improves the ability to work with the cloud and access cloud-based services.

Improved hardware compatibility

SQL Server 2022 supports a wide range of hardware platforms, making it easier for companies to integrate it with their current infrastructure. This includes cloud, on-premise, and hybrid environments.

Partnership with the industry leader

ABCloudz has achieved Gold Tier status as a Microsoft Partner, which is a testament to our commitment to collaborating closely with Microsoft and providing our clients with the highest-quality customer service. As experts in database management, migration, and modernization, we possess extensive knowledge of Microsoft SQL Servers and can fully utilize their solutions. Whether you need assistance upgrading an aging Microsoft SQL Server or want to enhance your operations with the latest database solutions, our experienced specialists can guide you through the process and create a tailored roadmap to meet your unique needs.

SQL Server upgrade covered from A to Z

ABCloudz is here to offer you a personalized upgrade plan that ensures a seamless transition to the latest version of SQL Server. Our decades-long expertise in database management has allowed us to develop an optimal upgrade pattern that is customizable to your unique business needs.

Our team of specialists will perform an in-depth analysis of your existing applications, including databases, software, hardware, and more, to create a tailored upgrade roadmap that guarantees your application’s code stays intact. We provide full assistance or complete coverage of the upgrade process, giving you the peace of mind to focus on what really matters – growing your business.

At ABCloudz, we use a combination of automated third-party and internal tools, manual tweaks, and original modernization methodologies to ensure the reliable, cost-effective, and speedy delivery of every project. Join our list of hundreds of satisfied customers around the world and experience the latest in database technology. Contact us now to learn more about how ABCloudz can modernize your database environment and maximize your business value.

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