Microsoft Business Intelligence Solutions

Utilize Microsoft Business Intelligence capabilities on the Azure technology stack or SQL Server. See how ABCloudz can build a custom BI solution for manufacturing, financial services, retail, healthcare, government, and more.

What's special about ABCloudz and Microsoft Business Intelligence solutions?

Why ABCloudz for your Business Intelligence platform development?

  • Transforming complex data. We can help you create powerful data models that can be easily understood, analyzed, and consumed for your BI solutions.
  • Modernizing reporting. By delivering fully interactive Power BI reports, KPIs, and paginated reports from a single modern web portal, you’ll have complete transparency into your business.
  • Integrating mobile BI. For decision makers on the go, we can develop solutions to access KPIs and reports on any device using built-in mobile BI capabilities.
  • Enabling hybrid BI. Don’t be confined to your data center’s ability to deliver in the event of a disaster. We can help you connect to your on-premises data from the cloud.
  • Using a proven BI platform. Take advantage of scalability, access to secured data, and familiar tools like Microsoft Excel, SQL Server Reporting Services, Power BI, SharePoint, and more.

Why ABCloudz for your Microsoft Advanced Analytics projects?

  • Enabling action using business analytics. Our data scientists are ready to help you get ahead of your competitors by building advanced analytics and machine learning into your business applications.
  • Innovating through intelligent agents. We can help you build closer customer relationships and understand them better by building solutions that see, hear, and interpret the natural world.
  • Using agility to achieve value quickly. Our solution architects can help you gain a head start using preconfigured solution templates from Microsoft.
  • Scaling up analytics with peace of mind. At ABCloudz, we are ready to help you deliver cloud-based security while easily managing complex data streams as your business needs continue to grow.

Getting started with Microsoft Business Intelligence and Advanced Analytics solutions

Microsoft offers a comprehensive set of BI technologies, enabling better insights from your data. Due to ABCloudz’s intimate knowledge of Microsoft’s BI solutions, we are fully qualified to provide aid to your organization in developing a detailed technology roadmap.

The process starts with understanding your current state and goals for your new solution on the Microsoft platform. This example shows how a global publishing company could deliver a new offering for media advertisers to see trends in newsfeed articles.

microsoft azure understanding your business

We then work with your team to develop a high-level architecture to identify the Microsoft services that are needed to satisfy your objectives. Here is an example of a solution architecture that aligns with the future state requirements.

Azure Data Lake

Our process allows us to fully understand your on-premises and cloud-based data needs. Once we identify your needs, we can recommend and help define the tools and custom solutions needed to implement your vision.

We have various offerings to get you ramped up right away on the latest Microsoft business intelligence and advanced analytics solutions.

Improving operational efficiency with standardized reporting

Our customer has been supporting an Oracle-based online transaction processing (OLTP) system. They decided to take advantage of the modern data analysis capabilities of SQL Server’s data warehouse features including columnstore for greater value over an Oracle-based data warehouse solution.

We came up with a comprehensive solution for extracting and transforming their source data and loading it into the target database. As a result, our customer benefited from obtaining a highly standardized and easily manageable solution within a short period of time.

Expanding your Microsoft BI investments

Here are examples of the BI-related technologies that we’ve used with our customers that work with Microsoft technologies.

We can also help you migrate from the technologies below to the corresponding Microsoft technologies in your data center or on Azure.

Get the most out of your data
with Microsoft BI solutions

Let ABCloudz help you empower real-time decision-making, identify trends, and create multiple data-mining models all within the powerful Microsoft BI solutions.

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