SQL Server Analysis Services

Whether it's on-premises or in the Azure cloud, we are ready to help you optimize your deployments of SQL Server Analysis Services.

Our services

Organizations often use SQL Server Analysis Services to analyze and make sense of information possibly spread out across multiple databases, or in disparate tables or files. We can integrate this online analytical and data mining tool to discover your data at the most granular level.

ABCloudz has helped hundreds of customers deliver Business Intelligence solutions across their entire organization. With our solutions, based on Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services, you can get valuable data insights to keep up with your business growth and empower executives, managers, and other corporate end users across your organization to make faster, more informed business decisions.

Having a great experience in crafting BI systems for various companies worldwide, we can discover the very best BI solution that fits your requirements. Particularly, we can:

  • Provide technical expertise in mapping multiple data sources to SQL Server Analysis Services
  • Ensure credible and consistent data without the need to change data sources
  • Accelerate and improve decision-making solutions to increase operational efficiency
  • Deliver a familiar user experience while gaining a competitive advantage over business rivals
  • Help you with a Proof of Value project to identify market trends

Getting started with SQL Server Analysis Services

Odds are that you store lots of data but not always get the most of it. You can rely on our data management expertise along with vast SSAS experience tp obtain valuable data insights and make informed business decisions.

The trusted ABCloudz team can help you understand what drives revenue for your business, uncover opportunities for cost optimization, and increase your business agility.

Check out these basic offerings to get started with Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services.

How we tuned up OLAP performance ten-fold for a global retailer

When a company grows, it’s no surprise that their database stored data grows as well. This is the case for all companies, and our customer, a global retailer in the beauty industry, was no exception. While working on this project, we managed to increase the average speed of query execution by 30x, saved up to 190 GB of memory, freed up 28 GB of disk storage space, and improved the overall performance of the OLAP Cube by 3x. Prior to these great results, there was a hard optimization process performed on the customer’s system based on the OLAP cubes technology.

ABCloudz optimized the cubes’ multidimensional structures, in addition to building some new OLAP cubes as well.

Our developers then removed the unused dimensions’ hierarchies, deleted unused links in tables and databases, and optimized the processing logic of the data calculation system inside the OLAP cubes. As a result, the calculation time for the cubes decreased Three-fold. We also made some qualitative improvements to increase the performance of the complex ETL processes that resulted in working about 2.5 times faster than before. We implemented MDX code audits. Upon reviewing the code, we optimized the MDX queries and increased the speed of their execution by up to 30 times.

The ABCloudz team managed to reach these fabulous results during a complex Big Data management project. Watch the following video to see how we did it!

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