Key benefits

  • Faster delivery

    Deliver software under development out in front of users much more rapidly

  • Satisfaction improvement

    Shrink customer feedback loop and improve customer satisfaction greatly

  • Quality improvement

    By delivering faster, you ensure better quality

  • Multi-service integration

    Integration with almost any service or tool you can think of

When do you need CI/CD pipeline

Microservices architecture

If you develop a large, complex, and scalable application with multiple modules and user loops, a microservice architecture is the best way to handle this. The microservices architecture breaks the system under development down into a set of smaller, independent blocks. These units perform each application process as a separate service. Thus, all services have their logic and database and perform specific functions. And changes are made only to a specific microservice. 

Thus, you can make changes in parallel to hundreds of independent blocks – microservices and significantly speed up the development process. But this speedup will also add complexity when you have to manage or control hundreds of independent testing and delivery pipelines. 

Our DevOps team will help you deploy a robust build pipeline for microservice architectures based on AWS services. 

Scaled applications

The demand for successful applications or systems often grows over time. Therefore, when you develop your application from scratch, you need to create the ability to scale it to meet market-growing needs. 

AbCloudZ helps create a scalable system that can adapt to this new level of demand. 

Elastic application

You design an application that needs to be scaled based on your needs. 

ABCloudz builds the cloud infrastructure that can acquire resources as you need them and release resources when you no longer need them. BTW you can do this automatically. 

Security for applications

Organizations are moving to the cloud to reap the benefits of cloud computing. But misconfiguration of cloud security can lead to the public disclosure of sensitive data and the emergence of new ways of data theft. Also, the lack of infrastructure and application testing can allow attackers to find the entry point and compromise the system. 

Our DevOps team can help you prevent security issues by leveraging DevOps tools and cloud best practices: from version control to continuous integration and cloud-based workloads. 

Detailed monitoring and logging

ABCloudz creates a system (including a dashboard) that helps you monitor how application and infrastructure performance impacts the experience of their product’s end-user. 

You will have detailed monitoring for all events within the AWS Account. Also, You can store events for future use. 

Manage your development process from source code to runtime with ABCloudz and AWS

ABCloudz team helps you to save time by using tools to deploy to AWS quickly. Use our Amazon ECS, Amazon EKS, or AWS Lambda integrations, Deploy with AWS CodeDeploy, or explore one of our other AWS integrations. 

Get more from work with a variety of AWS services. 


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