Database Migration to SQL Server

Team up with ABCloudz, an industry-leading expert in database migration and management, to achieve your business goals by migrating Oracle, SAP ASE, IBM DB2 LUW, IBM DB2 z/OS mainframe, MySQL, and Access databases to SQL Server with us.

SQL Server migration experts

ANSI SQL was created to ease the work of SQL users across various database engines. However, database vendors developed their own procedural extensions. As a result, migration efforts are usually more complicated because vendors lock users to certain procedural extensions. Furthermore, different vendors use different versions of SQL, which may not be perfectly in sync with established ANSI standards.

With almost 2 decades of experience in migrating workloads, ABCloudz has an extensive knowledge of migrating all the major databases presented on the market including SQL Server, which is the third most popular database management system.

We effectively utilize the SQL Server Migration Assistant (SSMA) to translate database objects, SQL code embedded into the app, and data to SQL Server. As a company that took part in the development of SSMA, we know how to tweak and set up the tool to make the best use of it.

Our migration practice also includes key technology platforms, as shown in the video below.

With our expertise in database migration, you gain access to a pool of experts who can assist you in migrating workloads to SQL Server with minimal business disruption and downtime.

Migration options

ABCloudz experts will guide you through the entire process to ensure that your business can take advantage of the latest SQL Server solutions. Have a look at different migration paths that we offer for moving workloads to SQL Server.


Benefits of migrating databases to SQL Server

Companies that rely on outdated or unsupported databases are exposing themselves to significant risks related to security and availability. SQL Server is an excellent solution to these and many other problems and its adoption rates are steadily increasing. Here is why:

Improved security

The latest version of SQL Server includes Azure SQL Ledger that uses blockchain to verify any changes made within databases and make data tamper-evident as well as other features for protection of sensitive data.

Superior performance

You will experience unprecedented levels of performance with Parameter Sensitive Plan Optimization for query processing improvement, in-memory OLTP management, and Contained Availability Groups.

Flexible scalability

With memory management improvements, SQL Server offers unprecedented flexibility in terms of scalability, thus providing the ability to scale up and down depending on current needs.

Systematic approach to migration

ABCloudz has decades of expertise in migration and has developed a solid set of practices and tools to assist customers with projects of any complexity. We offer a full set of migration actions aimed at performing an end-to-end migration to meet and exceed all of your business needs. Our company created a 12-step program for assisting customers migrate their database assets painlessly and seamlessly.

Our specialists begin with a deep assessment and continue with the conversion of schemas/scripts, app remediation, data migration, testing, fine tuning, and other important steps to ensure a smooth transition to a new solution.

Migration to SQL Server summarized

At ABCloudz, we have established ourselves as the industry leaders in database migration. SQL Server is one of the most popular relational database systems and our certified experts have  developed a step-by-step approach to ensure seamless migration. You will find general steps we take to migrate your databases to SQL Server.

Discovery and assessment

A successful migration begins with a plan. Here at ABCloudz, we begin with a deep evaluation of your current infrastructure to get a clear understanding of existing connections, interactions, and system requirements. We communicate with customers to identify their business needs and align migration goals accordingly. With this information, our experts are able to develop a migration roadmap that covers everything from A to Z.


With our migration services, you can be assured that your workloads and data will be migrated without any losses and interruptions to your business activities. ABCloudz specialists deploy and configure your apps in the target database while ensuring that your business needs are satisfied. We perform numerous tests and validation of data integrity to make sure that everything runs smoothly without any alterations.


Our team of experts offers monitoring and fine tuning services to bring your SQL Server database to its highest levels of performance. We provide you with tools and knowledge to optimize your database workloads to reach the best resource consumption levels along with enhanced availability and reduced costs.


ABCloudz provides you with technical support to maintain performance and integrity of your databases after migration. We will assist your business with setting up a system of maintenance and upgrades to ensure that everything is up-to-date and runs smoothly. Our specialists also offer backup and disaster recovery services, so your business can keep running even in a case of an unforeseen event.

Technologies we use for migrating to SQL Server

Here are several technologies and practices that our experts use to help estimate the level of effort for your database migration project. Using them, we can even perform the automation of the database migration process.

  • SQL Server Integration Services
  • SQL Server Migration Assistant Support
  • SQL Server Performance Tuning

In partnership with the industry leader

As a Gold-tier Partner with Microsoft, ABCloudz has a proven record of effective use of Microsoft solutions to drive our customers to success. Our expertise in database migration, management, and modernization accumulated a number of effective strategies and techniques that we use to effectively move your workloads to the most efficient Microsoft products available. With ABCloudz, you will be able to easily embrace one of the most popular database systems that will assist you with reaching and exceeding your business needs.

Case Study

ABCloudz assisted a large financial software company with migrating their billing solution from Oracle to SQL Server with the use of SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS).


The customer had a need to migrate their data to SQL Server. However, they were met with the issue of complexity of the task at hand thus requiring assistance from experienced service provider.


ABCloudz specialists developed a command prompt migration utility to solve the task. We used SSIS to automate data migration by extracting data from the original Oracle database and saving it as SSIS packages. Everything was completed within a designated outage window remotely.


The customer was able to successfully migrate their data to SQL Server with assistance from ABCloudz specialists. We provided the customer’s in-house team with necessary documentation that featured instructions for possible errors and database recovery, if needed.

Post-migration support for your SQL Server

At ABCloudz, we are committed to providing our customers with the database migration and management solutions of highest quality. Our company offers post-migration assistance for your database infrastructure. Take a look and explore the ways how ABCloudz can further improve your experience with SQL Server through our managed services.

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