Key benefits

  • Expert knowledge

    Our experienced team of SQL Server professionals with a total of over 2,000 years of experience with managing SQL Server deployments is ready to address your pains.

  • Quick pain relief

    ABCloudz experts prioritize critical issues with your SQL Server deployments and then take actions to resolve them and improve your SQL Server installations.

  • Established practices

    We rely on our knowledge base of hundreds of golden rules and the industry's best practices. Odds are that we already have a proven solution to meet your needs.

  • Reliable partner

    Stay focused on your business goals, while ABCloudz will establish a proactive policy for monitoring your entire data landscape so that you never run into issues again.

  • 10+ Years of experience

    From data management to application development, ABCloudz truly is a one-stop-shop in the ever-changing information technologies world. Our experts have the proficiently with Microsoft SQL Server you need.

  • 250 Talented professionals

    With 4 offices worldwide and a team of diverse and highly trained certified engineers, covering A-Z, consider us an extension of your team, helping you proficiently achieve your IT goals.

  • 100+ Happy customers

    ABCloudz has successfully delivered complex data management and optimization projects to customers across the globe. Not only do we help manage customers’ data and applications, but we care about every project where our team is involved.

SQL Server Experts

You can rely on our SQL Server certified professionals, who know everything about this database platform, including best practices, internals, and undocumented features.

We know how to reduce your IT operating expenses while achieving greater service availability, compliance, and security across your entire data landscape. Let our trusted team identify operational risks (security, performance, disaster recovery, etc.) and provide solutions to mitigate those risks.

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    Why do you need a SQL Server health check?

    1. Increase the SQL Server database performance
    Do you experience performance issues with your data-driven applications? Are your ETL jobs or BI reports stuck in a bottleneck?

    The typical reasons behind that include unoptimized queries, default configuration settings for your ever-growing database landscape, lack of indexes, many parallel queries, or even a weak database architecture. The ABCloudz experts have proven hands-on experience with optimizing complex SQL Server database systems and applications.

    After running the SQL Server performance check, the ABCloudz team provides you with a detailed performance report. We can prioritize these discovered issues and provide you with resources for their expert resolution. Our solution architects can go even further and come up with a modernization roadmap, which shows a path to move your system to the cloud.

    2. Address security issues and vulnerabilities
    Are you sure that your SQL Server databases store customer's sensitive data safely and according to the latest industry standards and compliance regulations?

    You can rely on ABCloudz certified professionals to run a rigorous security check, which will help discover the existing security vulnerabilities, weaknesses, and issues. By comparing your SQL Server settings and parameters to modern security best practices and standards, we provide your team with a comprehensive list of discovered issues.

    The trusted ABCloudz team can then address these issues or work with your database administrators or security officers to help fix them. Finally, you will be sure that both your SQL Server database and the applications store, transfer, and manage data according to the established organization’s security policies.

    3. Improve your backup and failover strategy
    Have you tested your database failover solution? Do you know how long it takes to restore your system after a failure?

    Our team of certified SQL Server professionals helped hundreds of our customers build SQL Server failover solutions. Over the years, we’ve established a proven approach, which allows for creating an exemplary failover solution without sacrificing the performance and without breaking your bank. And by running a SQL Server backup and disaster recovery check, we can optimize your backups, improve their reliability, and develop a more cost-effective solution.

    At the same time, our solution architects may design an alternative failover solution for you by leveraging the best cloud services.

    How it works

    Up until SQL Server 2012, you could rely on the Microsoft SQL Server Best Practices Analyzer to identify potential issues with your SQL Server deployments. Now, Microsoft stopped releasing the tool. Therefore, you need a reliable partner to run a thorough SQL Server health check.

    We at ABCloudz have established a set of golden rules and best practices, which help look at your SQL Server databases and applications from different angles. For example, we usually start with performance and security checks and then continue with improving your failover strategy and backup approaches.

    Our basic SQL Server health check gathers data from your environment for at least 24 hours. Usually, this allows for understanding the critical issues and finding a way to address them. However, setting up long-term monitoring for a month helps get a better understanding of what is going on inside your SQL Server database system.

    After this initial analysis, we provide you with a comprehensive report that covers discovered issues and includes suggestions on how to address them. What makes ABCloudz different from other service companies is that we provide you with human resources to address these discovered issues.

    Customers who rely on ABCloudz

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    Take advantage of ABCloudz’s vast experience with optimizing SQL Server databases and related applications.

    The ABCloudz team approaches all health check projects from both the business side of things as well as the technology stack. By improving both components, you get the best possible optimization result.

    Trust our team to run a database health check and find the right path to improve your SQL Server databases and mission-critical applications.

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