Cloud Platforms

Rely on the trusted ABCloudz team to quickly create and scale cloud solutions which solve today’s business challenges for your cloud platform of choice.

Featured cloud platforms

Cloud services such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS), as well as Google Cloud Platform (GCP), coupled with database technologies like SQL Server and AWS Relational Database Services (RDS), enable organizations to quickly create and scale solutions, which solve challenges and fuel new business opportunities. Azure, AWS, and GCP help reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) when deploying database solutions to a private or public cloud, with on-demand computing, infinite scalability, and a set of common management tools.

All cloud providers share some key similarities but also have their unique differences. Depending on your existing on-premises workloads as well as licensing agreements and data landscape, ABCloudz solutions architects may pick up the best fit for you in the cloud. Typically, we choose one of the following or a combination of cloud providers.

Other supported public and private cloud platforms

While Azure, AWS, and Google dominate the news, there are other important cloud platforms that we can support based on your organization’s needs. The many complexities of cloud computing can really boil down to a couple of important aspects, compute, network, storage, software, and services. Our solution architects understand the fundamentals and how they apply to your data center and cloud offerings.

Here are examples of other public and private cloud platforms that we’ve supported for our customers.

Public Cloud

Private Cloud

Typical challenges we see with cloud adoption

Digital transformation impacts all industries and businesses, making migration to the cloud inevitable. Sooner or later your applications will run in the cloud and you will face the following challenges:

  • Provisioning your cloud resources
  • Getting the best value for your money
  • Choosing the cloud services to take over from your existing app features
  • Meeting the required SLAs for security, high availability, disaster recovery, and performance
  • Optimizing licensing and resources costs

One thing is for sure: maintaining cloud solutions may be cost-consuming. ABCloudz offers a valuable cloud economics service that allows for optimizing your cloud TCO and resources. Make use of our vast experience with the major cloud service providers to architect your path to the cloud or improve your existing cloud workloads.

Cloud adoption benefits

The benefits of cloud computing include cost and performance optimization, improved business agility, and increased innovation pace. At ABCloudz, we start with analyzing your data environment. Based on this thorough analysis, we come up with re-architecture, re-platform, and modernization suggestions.

Our team approaches all cloud adoption projects from both the business side and technology stack. By improving both components, you can expect the best optimization result. This thorough approach allows for improving the following aspects:

  • Data security. Cloud services automate the backup of all your data and automatically restore it when you need it. Cloud services providers ensure your data is highly available and provide you with disaster recovery in case of an emergency. In addition to that, you get blazing fast content delivery in selected regions across the globe.
  • Application flexibility. Applications hosted on the cloud can be pushed to market at the touch of a button. And with automatic software updates, you will always take advantage of the latest and greatest what your cloud platform has to offer. Cloud hosting and computing allow for constructing apps as you do with LEGO pieces. And even if one of these pieces goes down, your app continues running.
  • Scalability. You don’t need to purchase extra compute power in order to meet the high load expected during specific events or promotion campaigns. All you need to do is set up the scalability rules. The cloud will scale automatically when needed to ensure the uncompromised performance of your application under heavy load. You simply pay as you go for the resources you really use.

Are you ready to start your cloud adoption? Check the following services we designed to support your digital transformation initiatives.

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