Key benefits

  • Remarkable expertise

    Our team of professionals is an industry-leading force — we have the specialists to improve your database performance and make the most out of your infrastructure.

  • Quick resolution

    ABCloudz dissects the key database components and reacts immediately. We know how to keep downtimes to a minimum and make your product instantly available.

  • Data protection

    ABCloudz professionals make sure your data is safe. Backups are the foundations for keeping data intact and instantly available after recovery.

  • Top-notch performance

    Nothing is impossible for Microsoft SQL Server. And our engineers are well-equipped to boost your database performance even further for daily activities.

  • 10+ Years of experience

    Our Microsoft certified professionals are our main asset. ABCloudz keeps the high standards of delivering quality for Data Platform and Datacenter. When it comes to data management, our skills are unparalleled, and so is the end result quality.

  • 250 Talented professionals

    Represented by 8 offices all over the world, our diverse team of professionals knows all the tricks for quality-made backups, disaster recovery, and everything it takes to keep your data protected.

  • 1,000+ Happy customers

    ABCloudz has successfully delivered complex data management and optimization projects to customers across the globe. We approach all projects from the business side of things as well as the technology stack. By improving both components, we deliver the best possible result.

Trusted experts in SQL Server management

You can rely on our Microsoft SQL Server certified professionals who are keen on this database platform, its performance optimization, architectural aspects, and undocumented features.

We know how to ensure your SQL Server workloads meet the latest industry best practices without sacrificing the performance and speed of your applications.

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    Why do you need a SQL Server backup and disaster recovery check?

    Backup analysis
    Feeling that the backup process takes too long? Concerned about data integrity during SQL Server backups?

    As databases increase in size, full backups take more time and require extra storage on disks. The ABCloudz team can help you divide this process using differential backups, making them fast and effective. We spot the most active database subsets and make them the main backup priority — this vastly reduces overheads when conducting full backups.

    Optimization and configuration
    Setting up data management is a risky affair? Certified Microsoft professionals is the solution!

    After analysis, our engineers can improve backup practices by introducing the best SQL Server techniques — it can be copy-only, differential, log, file, or partial backup. Based on the database size and load levels, the backup process will take minimal resources and restore your online data.

    Disaster recovery
    Concerned about outages? Want to make your product always available to customers?

    Once we spot and reserve the most crucial data, we organize the SQL Server disaster recovery process. By properly setting up availability groups, copying techniques, and other methods, we ensure your data is always running under any circumstances with automated failover that keeps your data intact.

    How it works

    Discovery and analysis

    To kick things off, we discover your existing database infrastructure using our special SQL Server health check collector. Thanks to this monitoring, it will show you all the existing backup recovery practices under different scenarios and how they impact your applications. The more extensive monitoring means its more accurate results, thus a more detailed plan for actions.

    Action plan

    Once the discovery is completed, our SQL Server certified professionals will analyze its results and create a thorough plan for improving your backup practices. The engineers will form the most optimal backup frequency, storage type, and its size for the fastest disaster recovery of your system.


    At this point, our customers receive a special report with possible improvements and the ways to implement them. We understand the importance and challenges of a solid backup and recovery setup — that’s why we invite you to leverage ABCloudz with the implementation of the strategy.


    Once we discuss the action plan with the customer, our specialists act immediately. Cooperating with the customer’s system administrator or DBA, they take over the backup and disaster recovery setup through SQL scripts.


    From the very beginning of the check, our customers see what is missing in their system, a clear plan of improvements, implementation steps, and the value we brought through them. What’s more, we provide a clear list of actions for hassle-free database management onwards. Finally, we can suggest a clear migrating path to the cloud to improve your backup and disaster recovery strategies.

    Customers who rely on ABCloudz

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    The ABCloudz team approaches all health check projects from both the business side of things as well as the technology stack. By improving both components, you get the best possible optimization result.

    Take advantage of ABCloudz’s vast experience with optimizing SQL Server workloads and running database health checks.

    Trust our team to help you find a quick and reliable path to improve your SQL Server queries performance, database configuration issues, and bottlenecks in mission-critical applications.

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