Key benefits

  • Expert knowledge

    Our experienced team of SQL Server professionals with a total of over 2,000 years of experience with managing SQL Server deployments is ready to address your pains.

  • Fast resolution

    ABCloudz experts understand the importance of keeping secure your mission-critical applications. When issues emerge, we can help you react quickly and effectively.

  • Established processes

    Over the years, we have seen plenty of database security problems that our customers faced. For each of these problems, we have an established resolution process.

  • Your data secured

    Rely on the professionals at ABCloudz to achieve peace of mind. We will make sure that your customer's sensitive data stays secure both in transit and at rest.

  • 10+ Years of experience

    ABCloudz is the expert of Microsoft in multiple competencies, including Data Platform and Datacenter. Undoubtedly, our certified professionals have the proficiently with establishing Microsoft SQL Server database security you need.

  • 250 Talented professionals

    With 8 offices worldwide and a team of diverse and highly trained certified engineers, covering A-Z, consider us an extension of your team, helping you proficiently achieve your IT and security goals.

  • 100+ Happy customers

    ABCloudz has successfully delivered complex data management and optimization projects to customers across the globe. We approach all projects from the business side of things as well as the technology stack. By improving both components, we deliver the best possible result.

Trusted experts in SQL Server database security

You can rely on our Microsoft SQL Server certified professionals, who know everything about this database platform, including best practices, internals, security vulnerabilities, and undocumented features.

We know how to ensure your SQL Server workloads meet the latest industry security best practices without sacrificing the performance and speed of your data-driven applications.

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    Why do you need a SQL Server security check?

    1. Meeting compliance regulations
    Sooner or later, your database application will need to meet compliance regulations. Do you know the right way to achieve the main certifications like HIPAA or GDPR?

    The good news is that the ABCloudz team knows how to adhere to on the way to compliance. Our passionate data management professionals will be able to guide you through the process and ensure proper technical implementation of your solutions.

    2. Matching industry or audit requirements
    Is your data environment ready for an upcoming audit? Do your applications have a lackluster performance?

    In this modern, ever-changing world of developing technologies, you need to stay up-to-date. Otherwise, you will not stay on par with the competition. At ABCloudz, we not only stay abreast of technology, we know the right path to keep your systems scalable and secure. We also ensure that your SQL Server stores private and sensitive data following all the latest security requirements.

    3. Assessing database vulnerabilities
    Do you know all possible database vulnerabilities, or at least do you know how to assess them? If the answer is no, your database security is at risk!

    ABCloudz certified experts have vast experience with proactively improving database security for our customers. We can help you discover, track, and understand potential database vulnerabilities. Our qualified professionals can then help you remediate these discovered SQL Server vulnerabilities.

    How it works

    Discovery and analysis

    We start by analyzing your database configuration settings, discovering potential security issues and running the vulnerability assessment using our thorough SQL Server health check. For better results, we recommend implementing long-term monitoring solutions.

    Action plan

    Our Certified SQL Server Security Professionals analyze and prioritize these discovered issues and threats. We then come up with an action plan on fixing them. This is a valuable result already, however, ABCloudz can go even further.


    At this point, our customers receive a Security Report, which helps get a perfect understanding of the security issues they are facing. However, we care about the net result of our engagement and proceed to the implementation step.


    After discussing the action plan with the customer, our team works together with your DBAs and security officers to fix these items.


    We then provide customers with a report, which provides an overview of all fixed security issues, as well as the suggestions and guidance for further maintenance of their SQL Server databases and applications. Finally, we may help discover a cloud migration path to make your data even more protected and secure.

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    Trust our team to help you find a quick and reliable path to address critical SQL Server security issues.

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