Microsoft SQL Server

Your SQL Server databases store and retrieve the lifeblood of your business – data. ABCloudz provides expert consulting services to organizations of all sizes for mission-critical Microsoft SQL Server installations.

Typical challenges that we see

Microsoft SQL Server provides a great experience using default installation parameters and cloud deployments with a variety of vendors. Over the years, we’ve worked with thousands of databases at customer sites around the world.

In many cases, these databases may not have the full attention of the DBA team, if a team even exists. Here are some of the common challenges we see with Microsoft SQL Server deployments.




Database server licenses optimization

Database servers were provisioned for a larger than needed workload, resulting in higher than necessary licensing costs.

We’ve developed an automated solution that monitors your SQL Server workloads over a period of time. During this time, we collect data and then analyze it to determine how you can consolidate multiple databases onto a single SQL Server instance to dramatically lower your SQL Server licensing costs.

Upgrading outdated SQL Server versions

Customers running unsupported versions of SQL Server run the risk of not conforming to data governance policies for their solutions. Don’t be faced with having to upgrade hundreds of databases without any idea where to start.

At ABCloudz, we have helped customers create an “upgrade factory” that allows them to move databases to newer versions of SQL Server while maintaining application capability and up time.

Migrating from another database platform

Customers looking to migrate from other database platforms like Oracle and SAP ASE in order to save licensing costs and take advantage of the advanced features of SQL Server are not sure where to start.

The ABCloudz team has vast database migration experience an we follow a proven 12-step migration methodology. This methodology ensures complete application capability and conformance with your organization’s service level agreements while also minimizing overall migration risks.

Running SQL Server 2017 on Linux

Customers running Linux have been stuck with open-source databases like MySQL and PostgreSQL for years and are looking for a platform that can grow for their on-premises, cloud, and hybrid solutions.

ABCloudz is ready to help you integrate SQL Server for your DevOps needs like running SQL Server in Linux Docker Containers. Whether you use GetLab, Visual Studio Team Services, Jenkins, or BuildBot. ABCloudz can help you with adding SQL Server schema and data into your Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Deployment (CD) pipelines.

Getting started

We have a variety of entry-level offers to help you get the most out of Microsoft SQL Server running either on-premises bare metal, private cloud, Microsoft Azure, AWS EC2 or RDS, and Google Cloud Platform.

If you are looking to better understand your SQL Server modernization roadmap, we recommend a Future-State Architectural Design Engagement. In some cases, you might qualify for co-investment funding by Microsoft to get started with SQL Server and Microsoft Azure.

After assessing your data environment, our proficient solutions architects then design the future-state architecture of your SQL Server environment. At this point, you may decide to migrate your workloads to the cloud or opt for using a hybrid solution. Our experienced team can describe the potential pros and cons of any modernization objective.

Reducing the number of servers in the data center by 96%

A major American provider of global eCommerce solutions was looking for a way to upgrade their extensive data processing system. We provided them with visibility into their system and built a cost-effective and highly optimized modernization roadmap using our in-house tools. Using our detailed instructions they were able to substantially cut the upgrade expenses and take advantage of their workload migration to Azure along with benefits from virtualization and consolidation options.

Customer Problem

Our customer has been supporting a number of data centers around the world for a long period of time. Without timely monitoring and updating such systems easily become outdated with a high percentage of servers running on no longer supported versions of database or operating systems. Moreover, the server hardware is rapidly aging over the years and the whole system becomes inefficient and overpriced. That’s why they needed to upgrade and consolidate their servers with an opportunity to migrate them to the cloud.

The customer asked us to analyze the existing environment, based on the layout modernization roadmap we showed them how they can reduce the costs while enabling new capabilities.


The detailed modernization roadmap provided a path to determine which workloads should move to Microsoft Azure IAAS or PAAS solutions. We recommended the upgrade tools and automation techniques that could facilitate the upgrade and migration process.

Our team then performed this job with a special focus on risks mitigation, increasing the efficiency, and cutting down the costs. To learn more about this effort, check out our video.

Different flavors of SQL Server

SQL Server databases empower many various businesses. You may be running SQL Server for years with no real need to change the way how the things are going. But as the time marches on, you may want to consider running SQL Server on other platforms rather than Windows Server. For example, you can switch to the open-source Linux platform with your existing SQL Server workloads, or take advantage of the Azure cloud.

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