Amazon Data Warehouse Solutions

ABCloudz is ready to help customers migrate aging on-premises data warehouse workloads to Amazon Redshift. We can also optimize your Redshift data warehouse and integrate it with other Amazon Web Services.

Getting the most out of Amazon Redshift

If you are looking to move your Enterprise Data Warehouse to the cloud, Amazon Redshift provides an excellent scalable platform. We are ready to help you migrate your current aging on-premises data warehouse workloads from the following platforms:

  • Oracle Data Warehouse (Exadata)
  • SAP IQ (formally Sybase)
  • Teradata
  • IBM PureData System for Analytics (formerly Netezza)
  • Pivotal Greenplum
  • Micro Focus Vertica

Here are some of the technologies we can use to help you with your Amazon Redshift solutions.

Getting started with Amazon Redshift

Here are some introductory services to help get you started on migrating to Amazon Redshift, or to optimize your current solutions. Our special support program for Amazon Redshift provides database performance tuning, helping with data migration, and other valuable forms of assistance.

Optimizing Redshift Performance with AWS SCT

Amazon introduced a feature called Redshift Optimization for the Schema Conversion Tool (SCT). You can now use AWS SCT to optimize your Redshift databases. For more information, see Optimizing Amazon Redshift by using the AWS Schema Conversion Tool.

Based on the experience of our Data Management Team, we came to the conclusion that if the performance of Redshift clusters is satisfying, using SCT’s recommendations will be sufficient for most customers.

However, if cloud storage performance does not meet your requirements or expectations, you may launch the optimization of the Redshift data storage.

As a part of the Redshift optimization project, AWS SCT provides recommendations based on the selection of Distribution Keys and Style, as well as the best choice for the Sort Keys.

Essentially, the Redshift optimization project can be considered a regular AWS Schema Conversion Tool migration project with the source and target pointing to Redshift clusters. Here you have to make an important decision: whether to use a copy of the source cluster as a target or start the optimization project from scratch.

In the following video, we will demonstrate the essentials of using the Redshift Optimization to improve the query performance.

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