Data integration with AWS Glue

See how we can orchestrate the transformation of your data, leveraging the simple, flexible, and cost-effective AWS Glue ETL service.

The growing need for AWS data integration

If you’re seeking to streamline your data management and maximize the value derived from your data, AWS data integration offers the ultimate solution. With the global data integration market projected to grow at an annual rate of 7.8% from 2021 to 2026, an increasing number of businesses are turning to AWS Glue, Amazon’s flagship data integration service, to automate their data extraction, transformation, and loading processes.

By consolidating all your data flows from multiple sources into a unified AWS environment, you’ll attain unmatched agility and control over your data. ABCloudz, an AWS Advanced Tier Partner, can assist you in effortlessly and efficiently deploying AWS Glue.

Benefits of AWS data integration

AWS Glue’s data integration capabilities offer a multitude of advantages that elevate your data management to new heights.

Data consistency

By leveraging our AWS data integration, your mission-critical data assets can seamlessly interconnect within the AWS ecosystem and, if necessary, be transformed into a unified format.

Improved system connectivity

Effortlessly connect your data infrastructure with third-party services to attain cutting-edge data management and analysis efficiency. AWS data integration seamlessly addresses format inconsistencies, data transformation, and connectivity hurdles.

Enhanced analytics

Direct data from various sources to the environment where AWS tools like Amazon QuickSight and Amazon Kinesis will process and analyze it and provide you with vital insights.

Data management automation

Automate your mission-critical data management processes and reclaim valuable time to focus on your core business requirements with our AWS data integration services.

Focus on innovation

Harness the power of AWS data integration to seamlessly connect your data with the world’s most advanced and rapidly evolving cloud platform to leverage  upcoming AWS tools and machine learning scripts.


With the AWS data environment, you only pay for the cloud resources you truly use, providing you with the opportunity to collect, aggregate, process, and analyze data at the most competitive prices in the market.

Typical use cases of AWS Glue in data integration

AWS Glue offers a versatile and scalable solution for seamlessly integrating data from multiple sources, empowering users to extract insights and make informed, data-driven decisions.

Data integration across multiple data sources

AWS Glue helps you integrate data from a range of sources including databases, file systems, and APIs. This empowers users to consolidate data from diverse origins into a unified location, facilitating analysis and processing.

Real-time data integration

AWS Glue serves as a valuable tool for integrating real-time data streams from various sources like social media, IoT devices, and mobile applications. This empowers users to efficiently process and analyze data in real-time to make informed decision.

Batch data integration

AWS Glue offers the capability to integrate batch data from diverse sources like logs, clickstream data, and transactional data. This empowers users to efficiently process substantial volumes of data in batches, facilitating effective analysis and processing.

Cloud-based data integration

AWS Glue provides the capability to seamlessly integrate data from on-premises systems into cloud-based data stores like Amazon S3 and Amazon Redshift. Users can leverage cloud-based data analytics tools, unlocking the ability to extract insights and make informed, data-driven decisions.

Data lake integration

AWS Glue offers the capability to integrate data into an Amazon S3-based data lake. This allows users to prepare and refine the data before storing it in the data lake, simplifying the subsequent analysis and processing tasks.

ETL Pipeline Development

Effortlessly set up automatic database provisioning and consolidate your data integration needs into a unified service using the most dependable and efficient ETL pipelines.

Featured technologies

We leverage AWS Glue to effortlessly integrate data from various sources, including Oracle, Teradata, MS SQL, and MySQL, and deliver it to the AWS services that align with your specific data requirements. Take a look at the image below to get an overview of our typical data integration framework involving AWS Glue.

As for the primary technologies we use during our AWS Glue data integration projects, check out their list below.

  • AWS Data Pipeline
  • Amazon Quicksight
  • AWS Database Migration Support
  • AWS Kinesis
  • AWS Redshift
  • Amazon Aurora

In partnership with industrial leader

As an AWS Advanced Tier Consulting Partner, we deeply understand the significance and advantages of integrating your data flows within an AWS environment. Our comprehensive knowledge of AWS Glue and our well-established practices enable us to help you harness the full potential of this service. Our expertise stems from successfully completing numerous AWS integrations, seamlessly integrating data flows from various on-premises locations with AWS data systems. Our close partnership with AWS grants us access to premium tools and services, further enhancing our efficiency in AWS data integration. With a team comprising 25 AWS-certified specialists, we possess extensive proficiency in Amazon’s tools and services, ensuring that we identify the optimal approach to integrate diverse data flows within an AWS environment.

Case study


A prominent technology company sought to embrace the advantages of AWS cloud technologies, prompting them to revamp their current ETL processes utilizing AWS Glue. Initially, the customer employed BTEQ scripts to import data from CSV and JSON reference files into stage tables. Subsequently, the Teradata procedure executed transformations within the stage tables before loading the data into respective tables in the Teradata database. The customer aimed to expedite data integration and enhance the flexibility of their data transformations.


We undertook a comprehensive redesign of the customer’s data integration process, delivering a customized solution leveraging the capabilities of AWS Glue. All data is now stored in an Amazon S3 bucket. By utilizing AWS Glue’s crawlers, we automatically determine the file formats, populate the Data Catalog, and seamlessly integrate all the data into the designated Amazon Redshift database.


Our dedicated efforts allowed the customer to fully leverage the key advantages of AWS Glue ETL scripting: enhanced productivity, unparalleled flexibility, accelerated speed, and cost-efficiency. The implemented solution empowers them to execute efficient data integration processes without the need for any intermediate staging levels.

Getting started

So, if you want to get from data to insights as quickly as possible, automate your data preparation, and organize data management at a massive scale, ask ABCloudz for help.

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  2. Allow a simple analysis of your data assets, system requirements, and format inconsistencies with our custom tools.
  3. Meet with our team to chart the best course for the integration of your data.

Leave the technical aspects to us while you can fully focus on your business requirements.

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