AWS RDS for PostgreSQL

Unlock the power of PostgreSQL with fully managed services on AWS RDS. Experience seamless scalability, enhanced security, and 24/7 expert support - all backed by the reliability of Amazon Web Services. Let us handle the heavy lifting of database management, so you can focus on what matters most - powering your business.

Fully Managed Database Services

PostgreSQL has become one of the most preferred open-source relational databases by small and large companies alike. Amazon RDS makes it even more effective through its ability to scale and operate using cloud services. AWS also manages time-consuming administrative tasks thus giving companies resources to allocate them elsewhere.

With the AWS management console, it is possible to launch a production-ready PostgreSQL database within several minutes. Amazon RDS also offers various storage options for the companies to choose from — there is a choice for either small, medium, or large-sized workloads. Combined with access to metrics and the highest security standards, AWS is an excellent choice for deploying PostgreSQL databases.

ABCloudz offers you services of migrating from on-premises PostgreSQL and other DBs to PostgreSQL on AWS RDS as well as deploying PostgreSQL databases from scratch. Let us explore these processes in more detail.

Benefits of migrating to PostgreSQL on AWS

PostgreSQL is an excellent database system and companies seeking to make the most of it often decide to combine it with Amazon RDS. The reason is simple — AWS RDS is easy-to-set-up, operate, and scale a cloud-based relational database. There are other notable advantages of migrating to PostgreSQL on AWS RDS as well.



Improved scalability

Migrating to PostgreSQL on AWS RDS allows for easy scaling of storage, memory, and CPU resources as your  database needs grow.

Increased availability

AWS RDS automatically creates and maintains replicas of the PostgreSQL database, ensuring high availability and failover capabilities.

Automated backups

AWS RDS provides automated backups of the PostgreSQL database, making it easy to recover from data loss or corruption.

Simplified management

AWS RDS provides a simple and intuitive web-based management console, allowing for easy monitoring, maintenance, and troubleshooting of the PostgreSQL database.

Enhanced security

AWS RDS provides several security features such as encryption of data in transit and at rest, and the ability to control network access to the PostgreSQL database.

Cost savings

By migrating to AWS RDS, you as a customer only pay for the resources you use, resulting in cost savings compared to running a PostgreSQL database on-premises.

Multi-AZ deployment

AWS RDS allows you to deploy a PostgreSQL instance in multiple availability zones for even more high availability and failover.


The ability to run multiple versions and editions of PostgreSQL, and the ability to scale the storage and memory resources of the instance as per the requirements

Improved Performance

AWS RDS for PostgreSQL is optimized for performance and you can take advantage of the latest hardware and software innovations of AWS.

PostgreSQL migration from on-prem to RDS

ABCloudz provides a service for migrating PostgreSQL databases from on-premises environments to Amazon Web Services (AWS) Relational Database Service (RDS). This service can help organizations to improve the scalability, reliability, and security of their PostgreSQL databases by moving them to the cloud.

The migration process is typically carried out in several steps, including planning, assessment, data migration, testing, and validation. ABCloudz’s team of experts will work closely with the client to ensure that the migration is carried out smoothly and with minimal disruption to their business operations. They will also help to optimize the performance and cost-efficiency of the new AWS RDS environment. Once the migration is complete, clients will have access to a wide range of advanced features and capabilities that are not available in traditional on-premises environments, such as automatic backups, automated software updates, and the ability to scale resources on-demand.

As an Advanced Partner with AWS, ABCloudz possesses technical expertise in migrating your databases to the Amazon cloud environment. Reach out to us today and let us help you with your PostgreSQL migration to AWS RDS.

DB migration to PostgreSQL on RDS

Migration is a complex process that requires several steps to be performed to be completed without complications. ABCloudz provides you with migration services from MySQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, SQLite, MongoDB, IBM DB2, Informix, Sybase, and more.

Legacy databases are limited by their cost of maintenance, lack of updates, low flexibility, and reliability. That is why businesses decide to move their databases to a cloud environment and reap the benefits that come with it. Modern databases such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, and MySQL are highly expensive to maintain. This is especially evident if a business is looking to scale up — a need to expand physical data storage space can ramp up costs considerably

Step-by-Step guide to database migration

ABCloudz supports the migration process to ensure that every step is performed with minimal to no risks:

  • Assessing the current database and identifying migration requirements — the first step is to monitor your server for a period of time to determine IOPS requirements, CPU usage, network latency, and memory needs.
  • Planning and preparing for migration — with all the metrics at hand, our experts will determine and compute requirements of the target database instance.
  • Schema converting — we convert source database schema to a format that is compatible with the target database.
  • Extracting data and transforming — during this step, ABCloudz prepares source and target databases.
  • Testing and validating — after preparations have been completed, our specialists conduct functional and performance testing.
  • Final migration and cutover — finally, it is possible to implement the database migration strategy. We stop all the services and connections that point to the on-premises database, validate data, and re-launch services on AWS RDS.

Tools and techniques for migrating data

ABCloudz has an established 12-step migration process that pays attention to all the critical and non-critical aspects of migrating a database to ensure that any potential risks are mitigated. Our methodology consists of an in-depth assessment, conversion of database schemas, applications, scripts, performance testing, and SQL Server data migration, if needed.

Migration teams at ABCloudz use a broad range of both internal and third-party tools to successfully serve hundreds of projects for top-tier customers across the globe. Some of the AWS tools used for performing migration utilized by our specialists are AWS Database Migration Service (DMS) and AWS Schema Conversion Tool (SCT).

DMS is a managed migration and replication service that assists with migrating databases and analytics workloads to AWS. This service provides benefits such as increased security and minimal downtime. AWS DMS is also used for replicating ongoing changes and improving integration with data lakes.

SCT is used to automatically assess and convert source database schema and the majority of code objects such as stored procedures, views, and functions to a format that is compatible with the target database. AWS SCT is also useful for scanning application source codes for embedded SQL statements and converting them as a part of database-schema-conversion environment.

Best practices for a smooth migration

  • Commitment to the strategy — more often than not, data managers tend to drift away from the established plan if everything goes smoothly. However, it is required to consider possible complications and unexpected events. That is why it is always better to follow migration strategy.
  • Backup data — data loss is one of the worst negative outcomes of complications during the migration process. This is the reason why it is imperative to make sure that there are backup resources that were previously tested.
  • Impact assessment of data migration — an impact study will provide you with information about the consequences of every action during the migration process. This includes the impact of data transfer and its effect on the company as a whole.
  • Continuous testing — testing data migration during planning, design, and implementation phases considerably reduces and possibly negates risks of data loss.

Deploying PostgreSQL on RDS from scratch

ABCloudz specializes in the development of both monolithic and microservices applications. Our decades-long experience shows that BaaS offers numerous advantages.

Traditional EC2 or on-premise PostgreSQL lacks the ability to achieve seamless integration and requires additional resources for administrative tasks. PostgreSQL on AWS RDS does not have these downsides and is an excellent option that provides our customers with the benefits of scalability, availability, security, and cost savings. Therefore, this is a perfect solution for businesses with flexible needs.

Deployment of PostgreSQL on AWS from scratch may prove to be a complicated task to undertake. It is required to consider all the costs and specifics of a cloud-based database environment to make the most use of it.

As a company with expertise in the use of cloud technologies to their fullest potential, ABCloudz will assist you with the development of an application and its backend or creation of the backend and its deployment into the cloud environment. Your applications and databases will be set up and running by our professionals to maximize performance while achieving considerable cost savings.

In partnership with industrial leader

ABCloudz achieved an Advanced Tier Partner Status with AWS. It is granted to companies that have established expertise in AWS technologies and services and a proven understanding of building software solutions while having remarkable customer experiences.

This AWS partnership is a direct result of the company’s constant efforts to develop capabilities in the design, architecture, migration, deployment, and management of intricate cloud architectures on the AWS cloud platform.

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Case studies

One of our customers, a higher education services provider, was facing increasing licensing fees and limited scalability. It was decided to move their current Oracle database to Amazon cloud services. As a result, ABCloudz developed a PaaS-based solution on AWS that improved query time by nearly 400x without a need to make changes to the infrastructure.

Another customer, a large software solutions provider, wanted to move their databases to PostgreSQL on AWS RDS. The main goal was to improve data control while cutting costs for operational infrastructure. After performing an assessment of the customer’s situation, our expert team created a two-phase plan that provided them with 30% reduced maintenance costs coupled with custom solutions to migrate data and transform it according to new requirements.

Why choose ABCloudz

At ABCloudz, we are not only experts in migrating databases to the cloud, but we also specialize in migrating to PostgreSQL, one of the most advanced open-source relational databases in the market. Our team of experts has extensive experience in migrating complex data structures and ensuring minimal disruption to your business operations.

Whether you’re looking to migrate to PostgreSQL, ABCloudz has the expertise and experience to guide you through the process. Our team of certified professionals will work closely with you to understand your specific needs and develop a customized solution that meets your unique requirements. With ABCloudz as your partner, you can be confident that your migration will be seamless and your business will be on the path to success.

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