Google Data Warehouse Solutions

BigQuery is designed to enhance the productivity of your data analysts through a highly scalable and low-cost serverless data warehouse solution. Discover how ABCloudz can help you leverage this technology to benefit your businesses data warehouse needs.

Getting started with BigQuery

We recommend starting with our Future-State Architectural Design Engagement offer. Our solution architects can help evaluate your current data warehouse and analytics solutions. From there, we will work with your team to craft a future-state roadmap for deploying a BigQuery solution which includes:

  • Ingesting on-premise and cloud data
  • Optimizing the initial loading of data and developing a partition strategy for your tables
  • Configuring external data sources like Cloud BigTable, Cloud Storage, Google Drive or ingesting data from Google Ads
  • Creating a testing strategy for your existing applications
  • Converting existing data warehouse features that are not supported using Google services like Cloud Functions
  • Setting up Google IAM security policies to match your current data warehouse solution

We’ll use our 12-step database migration process to make sure all aspects of the development process are addressed so that you have a solid foundation for deploying BigQuery.

In order to understand the performance requirements for moving data warehouse solutions to Big Query, you’ll want to consider our experts to benchmark your current solution to understand the different migration paths that are available to you.

Related BigQuery technologies

To get the most out of your data analytics solutions using BigQuery, our experts can help integrate other technologies like the ones listed below.

Note: Power BI support using the BigQuery connection is in preview mode. You will need to opt-in for Power BI preview features to access the connector.

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