Azure Database Service

Interested in managed PostgreSQL and MySQL databases on Microsoft Azure? Take advantage of high availability and disaster recovery features with Microsoft Azure's new platform as a service.

Challenges with running MySQL and PostgreSQL

Throughout our experience with managed database services, we often see customers struggling with MySQL deployments and PostgreSQL based applications. Here are some examples of challenges that customers face, and how we can help deploy your open source databases to Microsoft Azure.




Configuring high availability infrastructure

Configuring high availability infrastructure in a VM environment requires help from operations teams.

Azure Database Service for MySQL and PostgreSQL provides 99.99% availability, utilizing triple redundant storage and automatic failover of nodes within the same data center as needed. Microsoft has stated that geo-replication is on their roadmap. However, if you need cross-database replication between data centers, our expert PostgreSQL and MySQL DBAs can help you configure replication using Azure virtual machine infrastructure.

Backup and restore management

Managing backups and handling point-in-time restore often requires DBA support for either database platform.

Azure Database for MySQL and PostgreSQL provides regular backups at 5 minute intervals with the premium tier. Azure simplifies point-in-time restore for your team. However, sometimes you need to dig into transaction log information for a full recovery. Our DBA team can help train your team on the best practices for full data recovery.

Using Microsoft Azure Database for MySQL and PostgreSQL deployments

While Microsoft offers Azure Database as a managed database service, it’s not exactly a drop-in replacement for businesses already using PostgreSQL or MySQL. In trivial cases, only the application connection string needs to change at the web server level. However, as the service expands to support geo-replication, complex application code used to handle failover scenarios must use the new API for the service.

For customers using Azure, we recommend they consider Azure Database for MySQL and PostgreSQL since it delivers the following:

  • Built-in high availability with no additional cost
  • Predictable performance, using inclusive pay-as-you-go pricing
  • Scale on the fly within seconds
  • Secured to protect sensitive data-at-rest and in-motion
  • Automatic backups and point-in-time-restore for up to 35 days
  • Enterprise-grade security and compliance

These capabilities require almost no administration, and are all provided at no additional cost. They allow you to focus on rapid app development and accelerating your time to market rather than allocating precious time and resources to managing virtual machines and infrastructure.

In addition, you can continue to develop applications with open source tools and the platform of your choice; delivering with the speed and efficiency your business demands without having to learn new skills.

Here is how the service works for MySQL, however the same applies to PostgreSQL deployments.

Microsoft Azure Database deployments for MySQL and PostgreSQL

Getting started offers

At ABCloudz, we help our customers get the most out of managed Azure Database for MySQL and PostgreSQL. We can offer you several ways to get started.

For example, we may start with assessing your data environment. At the beginning of a project, you discuss existing database deployments and tools with a dedicated ABCloudz project team. This step helps establish the information, resources, and team members needed from your side.

You then make your data infrastructure available to trusted ABCloudz team members. We use this access to identify issues like performance, backups, security, scalability, availability, or disaster recovery. Our prolific solutions architects will then craft a modernization path that fits within your current environment. We can then provide you with human resources to address these discovered issues.

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