Oracle Database

If you are using out-of-support Oracle databases, you may be facing huge licensing cost from Oracle. ABCloudz can help you optimize your Oracle licenses as part of a database upgrade or migrate the solution to other database platforms.

Cloud migration services for your Oracle databases

Are you looking to move your Oracle databases to the cloud? We are ready to help!

For organizations committed to Oracle, your preferred path is to use the migration tools to move your solutions to the Oracle Cloud Platform. Our team is ready to help you migrate your solutions using the Oracle tools. Oracle will say migration to the Oracle Cloud Platform is 100% compatible with your application and database code, the truth of the matter, however, is that configuration of your cloud infrastructure requires the expertise of a partner who understands the cloud computing infrastructure and security. This is where we can help.

If you are looking for alternative cloud environments because you aren’t sure about Oracle’s cloud, we are ready to help you deploy your solutions to Micosoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, or Google Cloud.

Note: Running Oracle database workloads on Google Cloud Compute Engine instances is not supported by Oracle or Google. If you want to run your solutions on Google Cloud, you can use our database migration services to migrate your Oracle database to Microsoft SQL Server or any other platform, supported by Google Cloud Platform.

Getting started offers

We start with assessing your data environment. At the beginning of a project, you discuss existing database deployments and tools with a dedicated ABCloudz project team. This step helps establish the information, resources, and team members needed from your side.

You then make your Oracle data infrastructure available to trusted ABCloudz team members. We use this access to craft the right modernization path for your current environment.

Our proficient solutions architects then design the future-state architecture of your data environment on-premises in the cloud. Our experienced team can provide you with comprehensive technical and financial information about the potential pros and cons of a proposed modernization project.

What makes ABCloudz different from other service companies is that we not only provide your team with recommendations and suggestions, but we provide you with human resources to accomplish the modernization.

Shifting from Oracle to Azure SQL Database may save up to $1 million

“Low-performing and costly” – these were major characteristics of the Oracle system for one of our customers, a leading US automotive corporation.

With this bleak outlook, it was quite natural for them to consider migrating to another database platform. We suggested changing their Oracle database to Azure SQL Database and moving their applications to Azure services.

Eventually, the customer got an easy-to-use, efficient, and scalable database system based on Microsoft’s stack of services. This allows for easy support and successful management of the newly created database system. As a result, our customer could save over 1 million dollars only on licenses in the coming 5 years!

Learn more about how we approached this solution from the following video.

Check out our break-free from Oracle database services

Are you overwhelmed with rising maintenance and licensing costs of your database workloads? ABCloudz analyzes your current infrastructure and helps you understand what value a modernization can bring.

For example, one of our customers reduced their TCO by up to 60% after consolidating databases in the cloud. Our team can also improve the performance of your overloaded systems with a new database platform to consume fewer resources at the end of the day. See what ABCloudz has to offer below.

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