Migrate SQL Server to Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL

Are you experiencing problems migrating SQL Server to Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL or RDS PostgreSQL? Our team sees these problems all the time and we know the right migration path and all the workarounds.

Why migrate SQL Server to Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL?

Running SQL Server databases in an on-premises environment could potentially present a number of challenges, such as increasing license and maintenance fees, and the need to upgrade from older versions to avoid compliance problems. Growing companies require cost-effective databases that are fast enough to keep pace with their expanding business, and enable automated processes to replace time-consuming administrative tasks.

Modernized cloud database solutions can help address these issues. We are a leader in database cloud migration, data services management, application modernization, and delivery of solutions for new services such as analytics and Internet of Things (IoT).

We have the expertise to help customers of all sizes successfully migrate SQL Server to Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL, and the know-how to optimize performance following cloud adoption.

We are ready to guide you through the entire migration process and help optimize your Amazon Aurora environment after cloud adoption. Together we will establish a solid database foundation on Amazon Web Services (AWS), and leverage our unique expertise to help you integrate a wide range of AWS services and increase business flexibility.



Determining which Database and infrastructure technology is a best fit in AWS

There are many approaches to database technology in AWS from infrastructure EC2 to managed Aurora or RDS and many flavors of database servers that can be supported here.

Key questions to ask:

  • What is your current database and infrastructure technology and what is the appropriate match in AWS?
  • Which resources do you have to support your database technology in AWS? Is Aurora, RDS, or EC2 the correct approach?
  • What is your HA/DR approach and can it be mapped to AWS?
  • What is your data egress and ingress and how will that affect your charges?

ABCloudz can help you evaluate your current workload and direct you to the best technology within AWS.

Choosing which workloads to move to the cloud

We take a data-centric approach to determine which workloads are most appropriate for the cloud.  We start with data collection which gives us a profile of each workload environment such as CPU, RAM, etc. We also gather performance metrics over a period of time using our agentless in-house tools. In addition, we work with our customers to understand the business needs/restrictions of each workload to determine a list of potential candidates that can be moved to the cloud.

Migrating away from your current data solution

Traditionally, this means a switch from one data platform to another. However, just switching the nameplate on the back-end database server may not be the best solution. Some data patterns and use cases may have a better fit for a NoSQL or Data Lake solution.

ABCloudz Architects are trained to spot these patterns and discuss with the customer another approach that may be a better fit or be able to leverage new technology such as IoT devices.

How can I migrate terabytes of data to the Amazon cloud?

Imagine you have an 80 TB database that needs to be extracted and imported into AWS Redshift or Aurora database. Normally, it would take up to several weeks for extracting and migrating such databases over the internet. In this case, you may leverage a Snowball Edge device to extract data from your on-premises database, upload it to the Snowball Edge and send it back to Amazon for completing the data import process during your data warehouse migration to AWS.

ABCloudz architects have the experience to help you configure the Snowball Edge. Working together, we can extract and help you in completing the data transfer much faster.

Building an AWS stack with multiple layers can be time-consuming and error prone

Our certified solutions architects can help you in automating the entire stack creation process with AWS CloudFormation templates using command line scripts. These scripts take few command line parameters and setup your VPC, subnets, ELB, Aurora clusters, EC2 and RDS instances, databases, auto-scaling groups, creating S3 buckets and uploading data, database restores and health checks.

Getting started

ABCloudz has unique expertise that covers the migration of SQL Server databases to the Amazon cloud. We can leverage automation tools like AWS Database Migration Service along with the Schema Conversion Tool to help you migrate databases and applications to AWS in a short period of time. With unparalleled experience in SQL Server databases, we are ready to help you develop cost-effective strategies for migrating and modernizing your application assets to AWS technologies.

Architectural overview of the SQL Server to Amazon Aurora MySQL Migration

This architecture diagram provides a general overview of the ABCloudz database migration process.

This architecture diagram provides a general overview of the ABCloudz Migrate SQL Server to Amazon RDS Aurora MySQL process

Automated tools accelerate cloud adoption

To help our customers with SQL Server to Amazon Aurora migrations, ABCloudz uses the automated tools like AWS Schema Conversion Tool, which is used to compile statistics from the source database, make recommendations on finetuning, and perform analysis to forecast how Amazon Aurora can be optimized for a customer. The AWS SCT identifies potential problem areas during migration planning, determines the possible effects on the schema conversion process, and creates a strategy to validate the data.

ABCloudz also has expertise using the AWS Database Migration Service to help customers move their databases to the cloud quickly and securely. The AWS DMS supports migrations between different database platforms, such as moving from SQL Server to Amazon Aurora, and helps to minimize downtime during the migration process. ABCloudz works with the customer DBAs to strategically plan the migration and optimize capabilities on AWS.

Our unique approach and database migration methodology include performance testing and benchmark metrics we have developed to deliver consistent project success. Below are some examples of how ABCloudz can help you cost-effectively accelerate cloud adoption.

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