Web platform for disinfection stations and advertisement tablets

A prominent out-of-home (OOH) advertising company is an exclusive manufacturer of disinfection stations suitable for installation in public places such as hotels, hospitals, airports, and malls. Each device comprises the actual disinfection station and an attached tablet that displays advertising messages to users. The customer was aiming at significantly increasing the number of these stations in operation. That is why they contacted ABCloudz team to assist with the development of a scalable web application. This would help them manage and […]

Konstantin Mayevsky
Excellent operational data management to support a complex data infrastructure

According to Business Insider, a single minute of data infrastructure downtime in a data center costs the companies using this data center over $8,000. The more complex your data infrastructure is, the greater the risk of errors that can lead to downtime, compromised data quality, or disruption of vital processes. The challenge lies in the fact that even a well-tuned data infrastructure is vulnerable to unexpected errors and disruptions that can severely impact its performance. That’s why it’s crucial to […]

Sergii Zymbytskyi
Fault-tolerant algorithm for migrations from MySQL to MongoDB

When it comes to seamless data system management, our international IT client needed a solution to migrate their client’s legacy MySQL solution to a fully-managed MongoDB environment. Our team at ABCloudz was up for the challenge and delivered a fault-tolerant algorithm that ensures the migration process is reliable and user-friendly. The need for fault-tolerance and simplicity To achieve this, our customer required a solution that could automatically restart the migration from where it halted in case of any disruptions during […]

Oleksandr Gora
Unleashing the power of data integration: a head-to-head comparison of AWS Glue vs. Azure Data Factory

Nowadays, it’s hard to imagine effective Business Intelligence without ETL (extract, transfer, and load) tools. These tools help you integrate data from multiple sources into a single database environment. Instead of keeping data in silos, you get an efficient and consistent data warehousing method where all data brings you value, regardless of its format and source. By integrating data from multiple sources into a single database environment, you can automate data management and save valuable time, allowing you to focus […]

Oleksandr Smolovyk, Mykhailo Ievsieiev
Get maximum of SQL Server: comparing Azure SQL Database and SQL Server on virtual machines

SQL Server is a veteran in the data management market and Microsoft’s most popular relational database management system. It boasts several benefits, including fast query processing, excellent security and data restoration, easy integration with other database systems, portability, and a variety of tools and plugins to enhance database management efficiency. Moreover, migrating SQL Server to the cloud offers additional benefits, such as improved scalability, database manageability, and cost-efficiency. There are three common options for deploying SQL Server in the cloud: […]

Sergii Zymbytskyi
Custom data migration solution for a complex Oracle to PostgreSQL migration project using AWS DMS

In this post we’d like to share with you our experience in delivering a sophisticated database migration solution on top of AWS DMS for one of our large enterprise customers. The client is a large technology corporation that provides software solutions and services for telecom giants and mid-size companies. They ran numerous Oracle databases where they stored billing and other financial data. In an effort to cut costs for operational infrastructure, the company started the migration of their Oracle systems […]

Alexander Gora
Data management strategy: How to reduce costs and eliminate downtime

Data infrastructure is what powers the proper performance of your software. However, unexpected issues can occur making your system unavailable. That’s where the notion of a downtime, a time period when the system is not available, comes in. Downtime may have different causes and outcomes. But one thing is certain, downtime can be extremely expensive. One hour of system downtime can cost you more than $300,000. And, apart from direct losses, it is extremely damaging to your reputation. Especially when […]

Sergii Zymbytskyi
How to cover monitoring gaps for a large SQL Server data infrastructure

Our client is a large pharmaceutical company with a sophisticated data infrastructure. Along with the company’s rapid growth, its data infrastructure started growing as well. At one point, their data infrastructure exceeded 140 SQL Servers united by multiple scripts and connections. This growth made its maintenance more challenging and time-consuming. The customer created a professional support and monitoring team to handle any data infrastructure issues, but this did not solve the entire problem. The customer still had issues with organizing […]

Zimbitskiy Serhii
Showcase: Blockchain solution for Ethereum and smart contracts

Cryptocurrency is one of the biggest trends of the decade that rapidly embraces the domain of online payments. With cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, you increase your technical capacity dramatically. Our development team could not stay aside from such trends, so they jumped into the research and experimented with the latest and greatest. As part of this research, the team had built a cryptocurrency trade app tied to Ethereum, one of the most promising blockchain networks. This is a fully workable […]

Valeriy Semenyuk, Konstantyn Maevskiy
Oracle to PostgreSQL migration with AWS SCT: How to handle unsupported NumToDSInterval function

In this post we continue exploring the technical aspects of Oracle to PostgreSQL migration using AWS SCT. We were using AWS SCT build#660 to convert one of our Oracle test databases. AWS SCT provides functionalities for the most efficient migration from Oracle to PostgreSQL. However, there is a common challenge with implementing the Oracle NumToDSInterval function in PostgreSQL. The Oracle NumToDSInterval function is responsible for the conversion of the provided number value of specified time units or expressions to an […]

Oleksii Savchenko
Expand capacity with an IBM DB2 SQL Azure SQL Database migration

One of the world’s largest distributors of non-food consumable products wanted to rationalize their data platform and business intelligence strategy. Their current IBM DB2 database system lacked a repository to host historical audit-related data, so they could hardly retrieve data from past years. Then we came up with an Azure cloud database solution that could store all the historical data and created Power BI reports on top of it. We performed the IBM DB2 Azure SQL Database migration as a […]

Andrii Koval
Preparing a healthcare application for HIPAA audit

HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) is one of the most important United States federal statutes which has a great impact on the development of medical software. This act stands for the safety of the protected health information (PHI) and defines security standards that each digitized medical business should follow. HIPAA sets numerous requirements for data security management. Enabling these rules is not easy and sometimes creates much complexity during the development process. Our client, a medical business developing […]

Kirill Karpenko, Roman Muzyka
Quick and easy automatic approach to database conversion

One of the largest educational organizations in the United States had been running their data handling system in the Oracle environment. They wanted to reduce maintenance costs due to the expensive Oracle licensing model, which includes an additional fee for the partitioning feature. The ABCloudz team provided a solution for migrating the customer’s database to SQL Server. Reconstruction of the original partitioning system in SQL Server allowed us to significantly lower SQL Server maintenance costs compared to Oracle. Check out […]

Andrey Khudyakov, Roman Muzyka
An overview of the remote migration from Oracle to SQL Server with SSIS

One of our clients, a large financial software company, wanted to migrate their billing solution from Oracle to SQL Server. They needed to initiate this project because the migration was required by one of their strategic partners. The customer decided to implement SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) for this migration. Additionally, they needed to do the data transfer from Oracle to SQL Server. Because of the complexity of the project, the client sought software developers that would build an automated […]

Andrey Khudyakov, Roman Muzyka
Conversion of Oracle schemas with hierarchical queries to SQL Server

One of our clients, prominent information technology company, needed to migrate its Oracle database to SQL Server so they called ABCloudz. They knew they wanted to automate the major part of the migration with SQL Server Migration Assistant (SSMA) but there were some challenges associated with this process. First, the company’s source database code contained over 400 hierarchical queries that could not be converted with SSMA. And second, the company’s technical staff was also unable to convert such queries. By […]

Andrey Khudyakov (DB architect), Roman Muzyka (writer)

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