SaaS Platform Modernization and Database Migration to PostgreSQL on Amazon RDS

Executive Summary Challenge: To modernize its Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) SaaS platform,  OpenText (formerly Micro Focus) made the call to shift its products from on-premises Oracle servers to PostgreSQL on Amazon RDS. They faced various hurdles due to inconsistencies within the database and the legacy architecture of their app. They also requested a reusable custom algorithm for forthcoming migrations. Solution: The ABCloudz team successfully migrated the OpenText database from Oracle to Amazon RDS cloud. The ABCloudz team leveraged DMS […]

Alexander Gora
Unleash the power of Amazon’s relational databases: comparing Amazon Aurora and Amazon RDS

In our previous posts, we focused attention on different AWS services and the benefits of migrating to Amazon’s relational databases. But which Amazon relational database fits you best? The most common dilemma is choosing between Amazon Aurora and Amazon RDS. Amazon Aurora is one of Amazon’s most rapidly developing database services. Aurora is a fully managed relational database that brings its users the performance and availability of traditional enterprise databases, as well as the simplicity and cost-effectiveness of open-source databases. […]

Vsevolod Chervatenko, Oleksandr Gora
Custom data migration solution for a complex Oracle to PostgreSQL migration project using AWS DMS

In this post we’d like to share with you our experience in delivering a sophisticated database migration solution on top of AWS DMS for one of our large enterprise customers. The client is a large technology corporation that provides software solutions and services for telecom giants and mid-size companies. They ran numerous Oracle databases where they stored billing and other financial data. In an effort to cut costs for operational infrastructure, the company started the migration of their Oracle systems […]

Alexander Gora
Data management strategy: How to reduce costs and eliminate downtime

Data infrastructure is what powers the proper performance of your software. However, unexpected issues can occur making your system unavailable. That’s where the notion of a downtime, a time period when the system is not available, comes in. Downtime may have different causes and outcomes. But one thing is certain, downtime can be extremely expensive. One hour of system downtime can cost you more than $300,000. And, apart from direct losses, it is extremely damaging to your reputation. Especially when […]

Sergii Zymbytskyi
Migrating healthcare app databases from AWS Datica to independent AWS servers

A modern medical company was running a large healthcare platform connecting patients with medical imaging providers. They had databases for the admin app, patient app, physician app, and the original service portal. All these databases were running on AWS cloud servers deployed and managed by Datica. The latter helped the customer scale and manage their data infrastructure and had control and access to their data. However, the customer wanted to go beyond the Datica service offer. They wanted to gain […]

Viacheslav Kim, Marat Razzakov
Expand capacity with an IBM DB2 SQL Azure SQL Database migration

One of the world’s largest distributors of non-food consumable products wanted to rationalize their data platform and business intelligence strategy. Their current IBM DB2 database system lacked a repository to host historical audit-related data, so they could hardly retrieve data from past years. Then we came up with an Azure cloud database solution that could store all the historical data and created Power BI reports on top of it. We performed the IBM DB2 Azure SQL Database migration as a […]

Andrii Koval
Migrating from SAS to Big Data for a global retailer

When a global retailer in the beauty industry needed a new and cost-effective data processing solution, they knew the search would require a high level of expertise. That is why they decided to seek advice from ABCloudz. The company had a massive amount of data and utilized SAS software for data processing, both powerful but extremely high-priced solution. To add to the problem, qualified specialists with SAS experience are difficult to find, adding time and expense to any required updates. […]

Andrey Khudyakov (DB architect), Roman Muzyka (writer)

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