Showcase: Blockchain solution for Ethereum and smart contracts

24 May 2022 Valeriy Semenyuk, Konstantyn Maevskiy

Cryptocurrency is one of the biggest trends of the decade that rapidly embraces the domain of online payments. With cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, you increase your technical capacity dramatically. Our development team could not stay aside from such trends, so they jumped into the research and experimented with the latest and greatest. As part of this research, the team had built a cryptocurrency trade app tied to Ethereum, one of the most promising blockchain networks. This is a fully workable demo app, which contains all components of a real application. It can be extended and customized further to fit new product ideas.

Read this article to know more about our cryptocurrency market demo app, its development, and its implications.

A four-page demo app for trading NFT tokens

Our software development team decided to build a custom cryptocurrency trading app that could be customized to the needs of any client. We were ready to dive into the most relevant technology trends to develop a web platform that interacts with the Ethereum blockchain and creates smart contracts for NFT tokens.

We focused on Ethereum because it is the most popular public blockchain network for developing decentralized applications (DApps) and smart contracts. In particular, Microsoft and Amazon started using the Ethereum protocol to allow users to create and manage blockchain networks through their blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS) platforms for cloud computing. Other benefits making Ethereum one of the most promising solutions in the world of blockchain technologies are rapid deployment functionalities, the ability to form private consortia with private transaction layers, and interoperability of Ethereum blockchain networks.

Our app would connect to Ethereum via MetaMask and CoinBase wallets, as well as through the WalletConnect protocol. Besides, the ABCloudz specialists built a marketplace for trading NFT tokens and creating smart contracts related to these tokens. As a result, we built a demo app that consists of 4 pages.

Watch the video below to see how this app works:

Here is a more detailed description of each page and its core functionalities.

Interact with Ethereum by using MetaMask browser extensions

We used the official MetaMask documentation to build a demo page that uses MetaMask extensions for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox to interact with Ethereum. This page enables convenient and simple connectivity with the Ethereum e-wallet.

NFT marketplace for creating smart contracts and trading NFT tokens

The second page is a marketplace that creates two types of contracts: contracts for creating NFT tokens and contracts for trading these tokens. Smart contracts are written in the Solidity language and built with the help of the OpenZeppelin library. Truffle is applied for the compilation, testing, and deployment of smart contracts. These contracts are deployed into Ethereum’s test network, namely Ropsten. The basic content of an NFT token is stored in the decentralized IPFS database.

Here is the scheme that visualizes the process for the development and deployment of NFT tokens.

WEB3Modal module for Ethereum interactions

Our third demo page uses the Web3Modal module to interact with Ethereum via MetaMask and CoinBase wallets, as well as through the WalletConnect protocol. This React component has been successfully integrated into the Angular app.

Custom logic for Ethereum interactions

Our fourth demo page uses custom logic to interact with Ethereum via MetaMask and CoinBase wallets, as well as through the WalletConnect protocol. The functionality of this page is very similar to the previous page, with the big difference that it can be customized using multiple UI/UX components, providing different and more unique user experiences.

Basically, the fourth page may be used as a complete substitute for the third page. The key difference is that the third demo page may be better for users with specific requirements, such as the ones demanding the Web3Modal module.

Meanwhile, the fourth page brings more customizability and is a perfect solution for users that focus on UI/UX components of the solution.

What value can our solution bring to you?

We embrace blockchain technologies to deliver a flexible cryptocurrency exchange platform with smart contracts for token trade.

The main things about our platform are:

  • Connectivity of the Ethereum blockchain to different e-wallets.
  • A secure and flexible approach to the creation of smart contracts.
  • A broad functionality for the further extension and Ethereum integration with various systems and e-wallets.
  • The unique custom logic of the fourth page, which can be used to deliver the most flexible and scalable UI/UX designs tailored to the needs of different clients.

If you want a more detailed instruction for this app, make sure to follow this link.

Our demo solution has great potential and the practices we utilized while developing it can be tailored to the needs of any client, regardless of e-wallet systems or cryptocurrencies. For example, it can run on the Polygon platform and work both as an Angular and a React app. The custom template developed by our experienced software developers ensures excellent flexibility and drastically increases our capacity in building complex blockchain and cryptocurrency trade solutions in the shortest terms. Make sure to contact us if you want to embrace the endless potential of cryptocurrency technologies.

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