Amazon CloudFront

Amazon CloudFront offers enhanced security and ultra-fast content delivery through its network of over 600 edge locations globally.
This strategic placement optimizes server performance and
minimizes latency, ensuring a swift and secure user experience.

About Amazon CloudFront

Amazon CloudFront is a highly efficient Content Delivery Network (CDN) that accelerates the delivery of your websites, applications, and content. By leveraging a vast network of data centers located around the globe, CloudFront allows content to be served from the closest location to the user, significantly reducing latency and improving loading times. This CDN not only facilitates faster content delivery but also enhances security, providing robust protection against various types of cyber threats, including DDoS attacks.

The ABCloudz team is proud of its extensive experience and success in delivering projects with Amazon CloudFront, and we are honored to be an AWS Service Delivery Partner for the Amazon CloudFront CDN service. Trust us to securely deliver your data, videos, applications, and APIs to customers globally with unparalleled speed and minimal latency. 

Here’s how our team can assist you by leveraging the powerful capabilities of Amazon CloudFront:


Web and App Acceleration

Maximize the performance of your websites and web applications with Amazon CloudFront by optimizing caching, reducing latency, and enhancing throughput

Software Distribution

Expand your software’s reach using Amazon CloudFront’s automatic scaling, extensive edge distribution, and cost-effective solutions for reliable, lightning-fast downloads


Level up gaming experience with Amazon CloudFront’s network, utilizing over 600 points of presence for fast, dependable game content delivery

Security & DDoS Protection

Fortify your online presence with Amazon CloudFront, which includes high-security CDN features and AWS Shield Standard, offering free automated protection for all customers

Live & On-demand Video Streaming

Globalize your video streaming services with Amazon CloudFront’s fast delivery speeds and the resilient backbone of AWS, ensuring smooth and responsive media streaming 

Cost Optimization

Partner with us to design a bespoke network configuration that optimizes your Amazon CloudFront CDN setup for maximum performance at minimized costs

Optimizing Dynamic Content Delivery with Lambda@Edge

Enhancing web application load times is essential for user satisfaction and increasing conversion rates, as quicker load times directly correlate with better conversions. Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) help reduce these load times by using a global server network to deliver content efficiently, particularly for static content. However, CDNs are less effective with dynamic content that depends on user input.

Lambda@Edge, a feature of Amazon CloudFront, addresses this gap by enabling serverless development within CDN environments. It allows developers to run code closer to users, improving performance and reducing latency without the need to provision or manage infrastructure across multiple locations. Lambda@Edge runs your code in response to events generated by Amazon CloudFront, automatically scaling with high availability without any server administration. This setup not only minimizes latency but also integrates content delivery with application functionality, ensuring scalable and reliable performance through Amazon CloudFront’s infrastructure. You pay only for the compute time you consume, with no charge when your code is not running, making it a cost-effective solution for enhancing dynamic content delivery.

Build more responsive apps

Deploy your app code globally at AWS locations near your users for unparalleled performance and low latency. Elevate user experiences by delivering fully customized, feature-rich content. Embrace the power of Lambda@Edge to build more responsive applications. Take the leap and transform your user engagement—start now!

No servers to manage

Effortlessly scale and run code globally with Lambda@Edge and Amazon CloudFront. Say goodbye to server management hassles, load balancing complexities, and DNS routing worries. Seamlessly add functionalities without altering your existing applications at the origin. Enjoy the simplicity of managing less infrastructure. Unleash the power of serverless—get started now!

Customize your content delivery

Optimize your content delivery with Lambda@Edge! Tailor your Amazon CloudFront CDN content and fine-tune compute resources and execution time to match your application’s performance requirements. Get started now for a more responsive and efficient user experience.

Customer success story

ABCloudz partnered with iCleanse to optimize the Swift UV devices’ media delivery. These devices disinfect and simultaneously display ads, creating revenue from ad space while offering efficient disinfection solutions.


iCleanse needed a functional, high-performance content management system (CMS) for the Swift UV devices to manage and display content seamlessly, as their expansion was impeded by slow media delivery and CMS inefficiencies.

Solution & architecture

  • Custom CMS: ABCloudz developed a bespoke CMS, improving content management across multiple Swift UV devices. This platform supports easy multimedia uploads, scheduling, and real-time analytics, accessible via an admin web application built with Angular, Node.js, and PostgreSQL, enhanced by AWS ElastiCache.
  • Client Application: A user-friendly mobile app in kiosk mode for tablets at the stations, ensuring efficient ad display.
  • Amazon CloudFront Integration: Utilized CloudFront to distribute the application content securely and swiftly, reducing latency by serving content from the nearest location. CloudFront enhanced security through access control, encrypted transmissions, and integration with AWS Web Application Firewal (WAF).
  • Lambda@Edge: Leveraged for reduced latency, facilitating faster dynamic content delivery and real-time personalization at the edge.
  • System Resilience: Integrated with Application Load Balancer, Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) Fargate, and AWS WAF for dynamic scaling and robust security, ensuring seamless performance.
  • Operational Monitoring: Implemented a dual monitoring system using Amazon CloudWatch and DataDog for real-time system analytics and operational insights.


Over the 12-month project period, iCleanse reached significant milestones. The company enhanced its advertisement management, implemented over-the-air (OTA) updates, and improved its analysis of advertisement performance data. These enhancements boosted the management and operational capabilities of its Swift UV product line.

Why customers choose ABCloudz

At ABCloudz, our dedicated team of CloudFront experts is committed to helping you achieve your project goals with adaptable Amazon CloudFront services. As a client-focused company, we prioritize delivering superior service, leveraging our deep expertise to enhance cost-efficiency, security, and flexibility within your AWS operations.

Amazon CloudFront Integration Expertise

ABCloudz specializes in AWS cloud services that streamline content delivery for applications and websites. Our team includes numerous senior engineers who are certified in AWS technologies, ensuring expertise that encompasses Amazon CloudFront. We integrate best practices and the latest technologies to ensure efficient performance tailored to your specific needs. Striving to earn our clients’ trust, we aim for long-term partnerships by delivering reliable and effective solutions.

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